Deputy Head’s Blog

A series of occasional blog posts from our Deputy Head, Mr Matthew Godfrey, exploring life and learning at Downe House.

Deputy Head’s Blog

Deputy Head's Blog

Helping Our Pupils to Find Their Voices

At our Academic Conference in June, 'Maximising Pupil Progress - What are the keys to success?', all our guest speakers will be focusing on different ways in which their schools aim to achieve this goal. Clare Wagner, Head of The Henrietta Barnett School in north London, has chosen the fascinating topic: helping our pupils to find their voices...

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Deputy Head's Blog

Helping Young People to be Outward Looking

In his latest blog, Deputy Head, Mr Matthew Godfrey, explores one of the key characteristics in Downe House’s DNA - to be Outward Looking and the ways in which the school encourages this.

Discover 18/03/23
Deputy Head's Blog

Top of the subject-popularity charts

In his latest blog, Deputy Head, Mr Matthew Godfrey, examines the declining popularity of humanities and other subjects at A Level and beyond. Could Adele, global superstar and singer-songwriter, hold the answer to reversing the trend?

Discover 09/02/23
Deputy Head's Blog

AI: a teacher’s friend or foe?

In his latest blog, Deputy Head, Mr Matthew Godfrey, explores the impact of the sophisticated online 'help' now available to pupils in the form of artificial intelligence systems like ChatGTP.

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Maths for all until age 18? No problem, Prime Minister!

In his latest blog, Deputy Head, Mr Matthew Godfrey, explores how, contrary to the PM’s suggestion, a resurgence of the humanities is likely in the coming years, as the core skills involved in these subjects – not least independence of thought, communication and imagination – become more and more valuable in modern society.

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Deputy Head's Blog

Wellbeing Through Philanthropy

In recent years, Downe and many other schools have placed the ‘wellbeing’ of their pupils at the heart of all they do. Our Deputy Head explores the positive impact philanthropy can have on the self-esteem and confidence of young people and why the best wellbeing programmes come from 'within'.

Discover 15/11/22
Deputy Head's Blog

Joining Downe at 16+: A Step Towards Independence

In this blog, Mr Godfrey (Deputy Head) talks to pupils, Alice and Violet, about their reasons for choosing Downe House for Sixth Form.  

Discover 23/09/22
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The Victory Of Kindness Over Cruelty: Anne Frank’s Legacy

Mr Godfrey led an assembly at the start of this term about Anne Frank and why her legacy demonstrates the victory of kindness over cruelty. 

Discover 14/09/22
Deputy Head's Blog

Building Closer Links Between Downe House and Radley College

Downe House and Radley College have enjoyed close relations for a long time. Recently, the pupils and staff at both schools have been collaborating on academic, co-curricular and social activities as part of a coherent strategy, which has led to a number of exciting student-driven collaborations.

Discover 10/09/22
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An exciting and positive future for our young women

In this blog, Mr Godfrey (Deputy Head) explains why an all-girls school like Downe House is highly effective at preparing young women for our brave new world. 

Discover 07/06/22
Deputy Head's Blog

Tough Love

In this blog, Mr Godfrey (Deputy Head) reflects on his link with one of the UK’s most inspiring state schools, which he is proud to support as a Governor.

Discover 25/05/22
Deputy Head's Blog

Lighting the Fire – Maximising pupils’ motivation to learn

In this blog, Mr Godfrey (Deputy Head) talks to Downe House teachers about some of the strategies they adopt to sustain high levels of motivation in their lessons.

Discover 29/04/22

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