Downe House Global Schools’

Exchange Programme

We recognise the importance of educating our girls for life in a global community, where international and intercultural understanding are key skills. This exciting programme affords our girls the chance to study abroad in South Africa, New Zealand, India, United States of America, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Australia, as well as the rewarding experience of hosting students from these countries. The programme aims to provide exceptional opportunities for students to participate in the global community within the context of school and family life.

Now in its 7th year, our Global Schools’ Exchange Programme gives Downe House pupils a very special opportunity to study and live abroad with a choice of 16 partner schools in 11 countries, spanning five continents, as well as providing a highly rewarding experience for the Downe House community of hosting visiting students from our partner schools – such a challenge offers huge social, cultural and educational benefits for everyone involved.

The Exchange Programme aims to strengthen the global outlook of the Downe House community and to give girls a competitive advantage and opportunities for success in our increasingly globalised and changing world. There are many more benefits for those participating in these exchanges. The girls learn so much about different countries and cultures but living in a community a long way from home also teaches them more about themselves and helps them to grow and develop in ways that they did not expect. A further advantage is that universities and employers favour applicants who can show a broader and more independent experience of the world beyond home and school.

Visiting students from Partner Schools

Every term, there is a cohort of visiting students from our partner schools joining us to experience British boarding school life. These girls bring a new perspective to our community and to the boarding houses where they always receive a warm welcome. They integrate quickly and get involved in boarding life, taking part in House events and sports fixtures, as well as making new friendships and developing awareness of group dynamics and personal sensitivity towards others. The benefits of the Exchange Programme really do extend to the whole School community, with returning girls making presentations in Assemblies to share their experiences and to encourage younger girls to seize the opportunity when it arises. Read the girls’ stories here.

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Global Students' Exchange Programme

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