World Ready Programme

The World Ready Programme equips every girl with the life skills and knowledge to embrace real-world opportunities with confidence and humility.

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World Ready Programme

From the moment a girl joins Downe House, she will embark on the World Ready Programme, a structured framework of opportunities, activities and support designed to take her on an individual journey to nurture her personal development. The World Ready Programme equips every girl with the life skills and knowledge to embrace real-world opportunities with confidence and humility.

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For the Lower School, the World Ready Programme focuses on the development of four specific Downe House DNA characteristics: Compassion, Collaboration, Resilience and Creativity. The opportunities that Downe House provides allow the girls to develop an awareness of themselves, their community and the world around them.

Pupils in the Lower School can develop their confidence through leadership roles and responsibilities, challenge their critical thinking during debates with their Tutors, and gain valuable skills by organising in-House activities.

Learn more about the individual initiatives that make up the World Aware stage of the programme:

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In the Upper School, the World Ready Programme encourages girls to pursue their emerging aptitudes and interests. We challenge them to explore their individual interests in a supported environment.

At Downe House, we know pupils want to explore the world beyond the curriculum, and we encourage the girls to pursue multiple passions through a variety of initiatives. From the Elective Programme to Olympiads, public speaking events to volunteering, from music ensembles to sports teams, a Downe House girl can choose her own pathway.

Explore the initiatives on offer for girls in the Upper School as part of the World Ready Programme:

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By the time the girls enter the Sixth Form, the focus turns to empowering them to take their place as global citizens. The pupils are invited to join the DH LINKS initiative, introducing them to the global Downe House network of alumnae, ready to offer mentoring, work placements and so much more. The Higher Education department provides a supportive pathway for University applications. A Sixth Form lecture programme allows the discussion of thought-provoking and topical issues with the latest thinking from industry experts.

At this stage in their Downe House journey, Sixth Form pupils are encouraged to take on leadership positions, whether it be through mentoring, in-House activities, arts or science, the possibilities to lead the School are wide-ranging.

Discover how Downe House ensures each girl is ready for the world:

Read more about the Downe House World Ready Programme:

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