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Inside Downe
Girls in wellbeing lessons

International Boarding Day 2021

Our boarding community is a close-knit environment where young people are cared for and cared about. It is unquestionably an extended family where the girls have mutual respect, develop close friendships and bonds, and create many moments to treasure and from which to learn.

Discover 08/10/21
Inside Downe

‘My Downe House journey’ by the Head Senior

Head Senior, Lucy describes her journey since joining Downe House when she was 11 and explores what has made it such a special experience.

Discover 05/07/21
Inside Downe

DECOs Newsletter

Students from our Eco-Committee share our latest eco news as well action points from their monthly meetings!

Discover 12/02/21
Inside Downe

7 easy ways to make your workout more eco-friendly

Make your workout routine more eco-friendly and sustainable with these simple tips.

Discover 19/01/21
Inside Downe

Top 5 ways to keep your mind active during lockdown

We all know that it's important to stay physically active. Poppy, our Deputy Head Senior, shares her best tips to give your brain a workout and keep your mind healthy.

Discover 15/11/20
Inside Downe

Languages: your questions answered

Jemima, who clearly loves studying languages at Downe House, answers your questions!

Discover 13/11/20
Inside Downe

Creative Arts: your questions answered

Frankie, Imogen, Flossie and Tracy give us an insight into studying the Creative Arts at Downe House.

Discover 30/10/20
Inside Downe

Sport: your questions answered

Susie and Alex, two of our Seniors, answer your biggest questions about Sport at Downe House.

Discover 29/10/20
Inside Downe

10 recent fiction releases you need to read

The Downe House library bring you their favourite recent fiction books for teens from the last year.

Discover 27/10/20
Inside Downe

Humanities: your questions answered

Faridah in Sixth Form tells us all about studying Humanities subjects at Downe House.

Discover 25/10/20
Inside Downe

English: your questions answered

Our Literary Seniors, Minty and Sasha, tell us all about studying English at Downe House.

Discover 16/10/20
Inside Downe

Maths & Science: your questions answered

Ayobami in Sixth Form explains what it's like studying Maths and Sciences at Downe House.

Discover 30/09/20
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The best way to find out more about Downe House is to experience it for yourself. Book a personal tour or join us at one of our Open Mornings, available throughout the year.