Getting to know you

At Downe House, we pride ourselves on getting to know each girl and her family individually, even before she starts at the School.


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Working with feeder schools

Developing a good relationship with the schools our girls come from, and a clear understanding of their ethos and values, allows us to better understand our future pupils. By building strong relationships early on we can support each girl more effectively.

Pupils from over one hundred schools

Our pupils come from a diverse range of schools all over the UK and all over the world. We have no single feeder school but accept pupils from over one hundred UK preparatory schools, from state primary schools and from schools overseas. Girls join our community with a range of different experiences; some will have taken Common Entrance at 11+ or 13+, others will have taken the Prep School Baccalaureate and others still will have passed equivalent examinations. Whatever their experience, we place great value on building relationships with not only the Head teachers from these schools but also with the rest of the staff and with the children themselves.

Important Calendar Dates

This is just a glimpse of the events on our School calendar. Some of our events may have been postponed or rescheduled in line with current advice from the UK Government. Current parents should access the full School calendar via the Parent Zone to see all of our events. If you would like the most up-to-date information for prospective parents, please do get in touch with our Registrar.

September 2019 – July 2020

Open Mornings

Saturday 23 November

Saturday 18 January

Saturday 21 March

Saturday 25 April

Saturday 13 June

Experience Mornings

Saturday 12 October – Lower School (11+ and 12+)

Saturday 16 May – Lower School (11+ and 12+)

Saturday 6 June

New Girls Open Day

Sunday 14 June

11+ Assessment Days

Monday 16 September

Thursday 19 September

Monday 23 September

Thursday 26 September

11+ Common Entrance

Monday 20 January – Tuesday 21 January

12+ Assessment Day

Monday 30 September

12+ Entrance Examinations

Monday 24 February – Tuesday 25 February

13+ Assessment Days

Monday 7 October – Tuesday 8 October

Tuesday 15 October

Thursday 17 October (Early Assessment)

13+ Common Entrance

Monday 27 January – Thursday 30 January

Monday 11 May – Saturday 16 May (Listening and Speaking)

Tuesday 2 June – Friday 5 June (Written)

11+, 12+, 13 Scholarships

Wednesday 22 January – Friday 24 January

Music Scholarship Day

Thursday 30 January

Academic Scholarship Interviews

Thursday 13 February

Art Scholarship Day

Wednesday 26 February

Sport Scholarship Day

Thursday 12 March

Drama Scholarship Day

Thursday 7 May

Get to know Downe House

Staff at every level at Downe House play a big part in our relationship with our feeder schools. Tara Reeve, who is our Director of Admissions, works closely with the Headmistress and Registrar to visit schools, to get to know them better and so be able to support girls better when they join us, and also to ensure they have a comprehensive understanding of what Downe House has to offer.

We know that parents rely on their Head’s knowledge and recommendation to guide them on where their children will flourish in a happy and supportive environment. To that end, Heads and staff from these schools also frequently visit us at Downe House to keep up with new developments and catch up with their former pupils.

At Downe House, we place huge importance on our relationships with our feeder schools. Representatives from prep schools will always be warmly welcomed and if you would like to visit us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Joining at 11+ or 13+

For more information about joining at 11+ or 13+, please do contact our Registrar, Angela Nutt or the relevant Heads of Section who will gladly guide you through life at these stages of the School and the various procedures for entry.

Miss Angela Nutt

Registrar CONTACT
5.5 Meet the Staff Judith Gilpin Jones Head of Lower School

Mrs Judith Gilpin Jones

Head of Lower School CONTACT

Mrs Anna Dourountakis

Head of Upper School CONTACT

Bursary support and scholarships

For schools wishing to discuss bursarial support, particularly continuation bursaries, the Headmistress would be delighted to discuss any aspect of supporting a prospective pupil’s onward educational journey. Please do contact the Registrar, Miss Angela Nutt, in the first instance to find out more. The Registrar will also gladly answer any queries about scholarships and support for any particularly gifted academic girls or pupils who display particular talent in Art, Music, Drama and Sport.


Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.