Our digital commitment

Our mission is to ensure our girls leave School ready for the world. Whether as innovative higher education students, as trailblazers in the workplace or as interconnected global citizens, we know that technology will play a vital role.


Digital Excellence at Downe House

At Downe House, our commitment to digital development remains steadfast, continuing to shape the core of our education and school life. As we embrace the future, we continue to dedicate ourselves to providing a holistic digital experience that connects our entire community: students, staff, boarding houses, and classrooms.

Our journey towards digital excellence is firmly rooted in a desire to provide a cohesive and innovative environment for our community. This is exemplified through our provision of software (Office 365) and hardware (Microsoft Surfaces) which connects every facet of our school life. 


The goal is not to use technology for technology’s sake but to provide the very best possible education we can, harnessing the power of the tools at our disposal to deliver the curriculum, enabling our girls to leave Downe House digitally literate both for their university studies and for their careers in an ever-evolving workplace landscape that will differ significantly from the one with which we are familiar today. 

A Microsoft Showcase School

We take immense pride in having been recognised as a Microsoft Showcase School since 2018. Our dedication to state-of-the-art educational technology extends not only within our school but also influences the wider education sector.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is integral to our digital strategy, with Downe House regularly boasting twenty or more Microsoft Innovative Educator ExpertsThis culture of adaptability and innovation permeates our school community. Within this dynamic environment, our colleagues, regardless of their MIEE status, actively engage in self-reflection regarding their use of technology and how it aligns with effective teaching practices. This thoughtful approach ensures that we continuously evolve and enhance our educational methods. 

Microsoft Surface Programme

Research underscores the importance of standardising technology for innovative teaching and learning. Each new student at Downe House commences their journey equipped with a fully set-up Microsoft Surface Pro, a versatile hybrid tablet with a stylus. Extensive inductions for new girls familiarise them with the myriad ways they can harness this device to suit their individual learning styles, using immersive technologies and online quizzing tools amongst others.     

Immersive Technology

At Downe House we are embracing the transformative potential of emerging technologies and very much see them as an integral part of our girls’ future. Artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are all very much on our education agenda. The opportunity to use VR to immerse learners in interactive, three-dimensional environments not only enhances subjects like History and Science but also adds a new dimension to our educational approach that we eagerly embrace.

Equally, we consider AI a potent tool and are dedicated to teaching our girls how to harness it effectively, fostering their ‘promptcraft’ skills and nurturing their understanding of the ethical considerations surrounding AI tool usage. These technologies not only enrich our educational approach but also equip our students with vital skills and knowledge for the digital age. 

Parental Engagement for Digital Safety

In our commitment to digital safety and awareness, we extend an invitation to parents to delve into our approach. We believe it’s essential to keep parents well-informed about age-specific trends and concerns related to social media and technology. To this end, we invite E-Safety experts to share valuable insights on Internet safety and managing device usage at home. 

Student Leadership in Digital Innovation

Our team of student Digital Ambassadors, who lead our E-Champions, play a highly active role in promoting awareness of new tools, best digital practices, and online safety within our school community, encompassing both teachers and students. These student leaders have collectively crafted a vision for what constitutes a proficient digital learner and are instrumental in disseminating crucial messages regarding safe technology usage. They regularly engage with the entire school community and specific year groups to address these important topics. 

Our digital strategy

Through our endeavours, we continue to shape a holistic and forward-thinking educational environment that connects our entire community. Our dedication to excellence, adaptability, and innovation ensures that Downe House remains at the forefront of digital education, empowering our girls with the skills and knowledge they need for success in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

We our committed to progressing our digital strategy at a whole school level. To this end, our Director of Digital Delivery and Innovation is on our Leadership team to ensure that our digital technology meets our academic and pastoral needs. Meanwhile, our Director of Digital Learning works closely with departments across the school to develop best practice with staff and students alike.

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