Celebrating Chinese New Year

26 February 2024

This weekend, we celebrated Chinese New Year in style with workshops for our Lower School pupils. Meanwhile, our Upper Fourth (Year 9), and all pupils studying Chinese as a Modern Language, were invited to see a very special traditional performance.

Last Sunday, to celebrate Chinese New Year, the School hosted a group of traditional Chinese performers. We were lucky enough to watch traditional Chinese dances and a martial arts demonstration, as well as listening to the playing of a Chinese guitar (Ruan) and a Chinese violin (Erhu).

At the end of the performance, we were each given a red envelope containing some delicious Chinese treats! It was great to learn more about the Chinese culture and discover how the new year is celebrated.

– Estelle, Upper Fourth (Year 9)

On Sunday 25 February, we had instructors come in to teach the Remove (Year 7) and the Lower Fourth (Year 8) students martial arts and a Chinese fan dance. For the martial arts portion of the workshop, we learnt different moves and made it into a routine. We also learnt different tricks that definitely challenged all of us!

For the fan dance, we learnt a routine based on a Chinese poem, 静夜思  which means “Quiet Night Thought” by 李白 Li Bai who was a famous Chinese poet. We were taught the meaning of the poem and how to move with the rhythm. We then performed for each other as small groups. Overall, this was a very fun experience and gave us a taste of Chinese culture.

– Bianca, Lower Fourth (Year 8)

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