Global Internships Launch

15 October 2023

Our thanks to Anjola and Isabella from the Lower Sixth for writing their account of this event.

On Friday 13 October, the Lower Sixth attended the launch of the Global Internship programme for 2023-24, which was hosted by Ms Akhtar, Director of Global Partnerships.

The talk clearly outlined the programme and the placements on offer. Ms Akhtar clearly explained about the application process and the deadlines to apply by.

We were also introduced to a variety of internship prospects traversing four continents across the globe. As a global intern, we were told that we would be able to work with experts in Venture Capital in Zambia, Finance and Market Research in Hong Kong and Veterinary Medicine in Australia for example. We were reassured that the experience we would gain from this programme would help us in our evaluation when choosing a career path in the future.

Two of the previous interns Georgina and Camilla, currently in their final year at Downe, spoke to us about their wonderful experience partaking in the programme.

Georgina worked at 30Thirty Capital in Zambia and Camilla went to work at the law firm Garden Court in London. They shared their words of wisdom on how to make the most out of your time whilst on the internship. It was very helpful hearing their opinions from the experience which made us feel more reassured.

Overall, this event was extremely informative and enlightening. We are very grateful to Ms Akhtar and the Global Partnerships team for organising such a fascinating and exciting programme for us.

Learn more about the Global opportunities Downe House provides it’s pupils here.

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