Downe House Global Internships Programme

Internships usually become part of students’ lives at university, however, we believe an early introduction to global cultures and work styles is vital and want our girls to take their first steps into the ‘World of Work’ early to gain a more competitive edge and enhance their CVs. The experience gained also facilitates their decision making when choosing a degree or indeed a career in the future, and builds their confidence.

This programme is open to girls in the Sixth Form in order to enable them to expand their horizons by securing shadowing placements in industry. Girls use their Easter or Summer holidays to pursue these globally. The Global Partnerships team research and secure these placements and invite girls apply to them. Girls, with the help of their parents, manage flights, visas and accommodation. Girls work with experts in Human Rights Law in the UK, Venture Capital in Zambia, Finance and Market Research in HK, Veterinary Medicine in Australia, Education in the Gulf countries, Marketing in London, Insurance & Audit in Germany, Sustainable Development in the UK, Women’s Rights & Mental Health in Canada, Engineering and Chemical Industry Supply Chain in Thailand for example. They are expected to produce a detailed evaluation of these placements for the School to review this programme. Two girls are normally be sent to each placement in one academic year.

In 2022-23, we have more than 25 internship opportunities spanning five continents

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