Psychology Trip to Bethlem Hospital

7 October 2023

Upper Sixth pupils studying A Level Psychology enjoyed a trip to Bethlem Museum of the Mind at the Royal Bethlem Hospital in Kent. The trip allowed them to consolidate their understanding of the Psychopathology unit of the course and prepare them for the Forensic Psychology unit they will study later this year.

As the first cohort of a new course, it is very exciting for the students to have experience of the historical archives and features of the hospital to help them understand mental health disorders and treatments from the past to present day.
– Ms Palmer, Teacher i/c Psychology

The pupils had the opportunity to learn more about the History of Bethlem Royal Hospital and mental health treatment before exploring the archives. They also got to see an art exhibition which demonstrated work from previous patients and their battles with mental illness.

Our trip to the Bethlem Museum has been a fundamental experience in cultivating my passion for Psychology. It was an interactive and unique manner to be able to broaden my knowledge on the history of mental health, and how it has evolved throughout time.

We were given the opportunity to read old records of patients who were hospitalised at the Bethlem Royal Hospital, which were extremely impactful and moving. Furthermore, the art works exposed in the museum were thought provoking, in particular, ‘The Fragile Board’ by Elise Warriner which depicted her struggles with Anorexia Nervosa was very moving.

– Lavinia, Upper Sixth

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