Celebrating our Scholars and Award Holders


9 October 2023

The annual dinner to mark the Enrolment of Scholars took place on the last Friday of September. The evening is a chance to welcome girls and their families to the vibrant scholars’ community at Downe House and to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, aspiration and determination that goes into the scholarship application process.

Downe House offers Scholarships and Exhibitions to girls with exceptional potential. There are awards for Academic, Creative Arts, Drama, Music and Sport.

Our Award Holders play an important role in the life of the School, inspiring others to strive for excellence and sharing a culture of commitment and endeavour, whilst at the same time fulfilling their own potential.
– Mrs Maria Reichardt, Director of Scholars and Enrichment

We were delighted to welcome back alumna, Olivia Harrison (DH 2017), who gave an inspiring speech sharing how the life lessons she learnt at Downe House have stood her in good stead for life beyond School. Olivia read Spanish and Linguistics at Oxford and has just embarked on her legal career at Slaughter and May.

Our Heads of Scholars Seniors, Tacita and Jocelyn, now in the Upper Sixth and applying to read Classics at Oxford and Engineering at Oxford and Imperial, shared with the girls and their parents their reflection on what being a Scholar has meant to them during their time at Downe House.

Jocelyn: “Looking back to when we first applied for our scholarships, the main appeal for us was the opportunities that it would provide. First as a challenge to stretch our abilities but also for the chance to feed our curiosity. I love solving problems that challenge me to think unconventionally. We can all relate to that feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes from completing difficult tasks. Be it winning a sports competition, completing a piece of art, performing a piece of music or theatre you have tirelessly practiced for weeks. It was this feeling that first drove me to apply for the scholarship and has continued to feed my passion and desire to succeed.”

Tacita: “I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of translation and making links between word etymologies as it brings the texts of the classical world alive. Learning has always been more than just knowing, it is the deeper understanding which it provides that nurtures my Classics-loving heart. One of the many benefits of being a Scholar has been the encouragement to pursue my interest further, joining many essay and translation competitions and debates as well as allowing me to organise talks outside the curriculum.”

Jocelyn: “No one expects you to know the answer to everything or be perfect at everything you do from the start. However, you have to aspire to succeed and not be afraid of failure. You are part of an incredible community of scholars, teachers and peers who are there to uplift you and vice versa. Wherever you are sitting in this room, we want you to be the best you can be, be it in sports, music, drama, arts or academics.”

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