Higher Education Applications Masterclass

15 June 2023

Our thanks to Izzy T and Izzy V from the Lower Sixth for the following written account.

On Wednesday 14 June, the Lower Sixth students took part in an insightful Higher Education Applications workshop, which was organised by the Futures Department. The purpose of this event was to help us create the first draft of our personal statement and to set up our UCAS accounts.

At the start of the morning, Mrs Llewellyn (Director of Pupil Wellbeing, Head of Learning for Life) gave us an outline of what to include within our personal statement, emphasising the crucial information. After each point we were given time to formulate our initial ideas and decide how we would make it relevant to us and how it will apply to us in the future.  

Whilst this can be a daunting process, due to the guidance and aid of the Futures Department, we both felt at ease during the morning as we realised that writing our personal statement is possible and we had lots to include.  

After a short break, we were introduced to UCAS, and guided through a step–by–step process on how to login and begin our applications.  

Those applying to overseas universities welcomed Jenna Ahn from ‘MILLIE’ who gave an intuitive talk discussing the practicalities and important steps when applying overseas. 

Overall, the morning was extremely informative and gave us the knowledge and guidance needed to take the first steps in our university applications. Thank you to Mrs Llewellyn, the rest of the Futures department and our tutors who helped us, we now feel more prepared for the next part of our journey.  

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