Overseas Universities Roadshow

21 September 2023

Our thanks to Iris from the Lower Sixth (Year 12) for writing this account.

Attending the Overseas Universities Fair on Thursday 21 September was transformative.

Hult Business School’s innovative blend of theory and hands-on learning captivated me, especially as an aspiring entrepreneur. The school’s multicultural environment, uniting students from 70+ nationalities, promises a global perspective crucial in today’s business landscape.

Equally appealing was the American College of Paris, renowned for its diverse programs, ranging from anthropology to business. The institution’s track record of alumni entering elite universities like Harvard and LSE attested to its academic prowess. 

What stood out was these universities’ commitment to cutting-edge resources, essential in our digital age. Access to such technology not only enriches education but also prepares graduates for the demands of modern careers. 

Participating in overseas college fairs isn’t just about expanding horizons; it’s about tailored education. These events connect students directly with universities, enabling informed decisions about their academic future. Studying abroad offers unmatched cultural awareness and adaptability, qualities vital in our interconnected world. Exposure to diverse educational systems fosters critical thinking, an invaluable skill for any profession. 

In summary, attending overseas university fairs like the one I experienced is indispensable for aspiring students. They not only showcase a myriad of opportunities but also highlight the importance of global education. The knowledge and experiences gained overseas shape individuals into academically proficient, culturally aware, and globally sensitive professionals, ready to tackle the challenges of our interconnected world. 

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