Downe House at your school

We regularly send staff out to deliver workshops at our feeder schools, individually tailored to each school’s needs.

Workshops and bespoke programmes

From Dance and Drama to Science and Music, our specialist teachers enjoy delivering creative and dynamic workshops for any age group.

Our expert staff are keen to visit schools to deliver these workshops and to adjudicate competitions, umpire sports matches and preach in Chapel. If you are interested in our programme of workshops or would like us to design a session specifically for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Experience Downe House at your school

Our staff will happily visit your school and work with pupils and staff on a range of topics including (but not limited to!) the workshops below.

Musical Theatre Workshops - Make a Mini Musical!

Drama and Musical Theatre

There’s no business like show business – and now your pupils can create their own show! Join the Downe House Drama team for an intense session of musical theatre making. What is an ‘I Want’ song? How do you find the hook for that big chorus number at the beginning? And is it really possible to make a mini musical in a matter of minutes? There’s only one way to find out… 

Lacrosse, Netball, Hockey, Squash and Tennis


Our exceptional international-level coaches are able to deliver bespoke sessions to your pupils, according to your needs. Whether it is a workshop led by our Head of Tennis, Josh Goodall, former Davis Cup and Wimbledon player, or a masterclass in Lacrosse from our coaches who have played 12 senior world cups between them, we can adapt our sessions to suit you. We are also happy to help with umpiring or running a CPD for your staff. 

The Time Traveller


The secret is out – there is a time machine to the past! In this workshop, your pupils will explore what it would be like to travel on holiday to Medieval England and create their own guidebook to share with other time travellers. Pupils will work as a team to learn more about the exciting Medieval world and have the opportunity to explore Medieval entertainment, food, travel and life. 



Come and join us at Downe House for the day and become a Brainiac. In this workshop you will find out the key areas of the brain responsible for the different behaviours and emotions we have as humans. Come and try to make your own cauliflower brain before testing your own skills of illusion to impress your friends! 

Our Planet


How can we build a sustainable world? In this workshop our STEM team will explore ways that children and make their relationship with Earth sustainable. Through different activities, pupils will produce their own recycled paper, repurpose plastic waste into items of further use and even learn how to repair electrical appliances. 



In this workshop, members of our Science team take students on a journey into our bodies to study the blood. Every human is filled with 5 litres of the stuff, but why do we have it and what is it made up of? These two crucial questions will be answered through the use of practical activities including making our own model of our favourite red fluid. Finally, students will then see how the blood is moved around the body and the organs they meet along the way. 


Creative Arts

Mrs Mortimer and Ms Yarwood from the Art department would be delighted to visit your school to deliver their one-hour mixed media workshop. Students will learn about abstraction before using their imaginations to create a colourful composition with collage, coloured and textured sheets of foam, washers and laser cut acrylic shapes. These will be placed in frames at the end of the session, giving your students a piece of work that they can be truly proud of! 

An Introduction to Chinese

Modern Foreign Languages

Spoken by over 1 billion people, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most common languages on the planet. This workshop will introduce you to both the spoken and written forms of the Chinese language, as well as giving you an insight into what makes China such a fascinating and unique country.

How to Read a Painting

Art History

Did you know that you can read a painting like a poem? From symbolism to colour theory, learn how to decode art and unleash its meaning. We will take a close look at works of art from around the world and across history, taking on the role of artistic detectives as we search them for clues about different cultures and ways of thinking. 

Experience Days

We host an array of hugely popular events and workshops where younger school pupils and their teachers experience life at Downe House.

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