Advice for starting Boarding School

Girls in the Remove and Lower Fourth at Downe House give their top tips for starting at boarding school.

7 August 2019

Starting boarding school can often be a time that brings lots of challenges and opportunities. Girls from across the Lower School share their top tips and advice based on their own experiences.

Stay strong; starting boarding is the most challenging bit!

“It will be hard in the beginning but in the end it will turn out fine and you will have a stronger relationship with your family and friends.”

“Just keep going, stay strong and carry on!”

“Remember no matter how hard things feel they will honestly get better”

“It is hard at the beginning but it gets easier. Remember that everyone is supporting you all the way.”

“Top advice – don’t worry about the first term even though it is the hardest because once it’s over everything will be a lot easier.”

Respect others; you’re a community

“Never give up and respect others”

“I would tell the Remove next year that they should be nice to everyone from the start and you can start to build friendships”

“Advice for next year’s Remove – be social and active and be careful what you say. Try to make things fun for everyone and you’ll get kindness back.”

Keep busy to help with homesickness

“Keep busy and believe in yourself”

“Homesick note – think of the happy and fun times at Downe. Keep busy and try to laugh”

“Sleep well and keep busy”

“Just be yourself and you will make so many friends”

“If you are homesick, keep yourself busy”

Tell someone how you’re feeling

“If you have any problems, talk to someone and don’t bottle ANYTHING up”

“Piece of advice – If you’re struggling with something – tell someone. Don’t give up on yourself”

Staying organised actually helps

“Advice – keep busy and organised! This helps for homesickness and school / lessons”

“Make yourself as organised as possible because when you are on top of things you get an amazing feeling inside”

“TOP TIP – Use all your prep sessions properly”

“Take responsibility of all your stuff”

Enjoy it!

“Take in the moments because it goes so fast”

“Don’t worry – just enjoy yourself!”

“Advice – time will fly so try to make the most of it and fill it with laughter and joy”

“Just stay calm and it is not as scary as it seems. It is actually quite fun!”

“Advice – don’t be afraid to try anything!”

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