10 Reasons Why You Should Read More

We think reading for pleasure is really valuable. Here are ten good reasons why you should read more – and they’re based on scientific research!

27 August 2019

1) It’s called ‘reading for pleasure’ for a reason!

Reading is one of the most enjoyable things you can do! It’s easy to carry a book around with you and using a library means that it’s free and accessible too!

I read for pleasure and that is the moment I learn the most.

Margaret Atwood

2) Reading improves every subject

School-age children who read for pleasure perform better in all subjects – including maths. That seems a good reason to read more!

3) Reading makes you a better communicator

Reading enriches your language and vocabulary, making you a better writer.

4) Reading improves your school performance… a lot

Reading has a stronger impact on educational achievement than the socio-economic status of parents.

5) Reading improves your mental health

It’s been proven that reading more actually lowers your levels of stress and anxiety. That’s all the encouragement we need to keep reading during exam season!


6) Readers are self-believers

Studies have also shown that regular readers have higher self-esteem and greater self-acceptance.

7) Reading boosts empathy

Reading means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This increases your ability to empathise with others, that is the ability to share and understand someone else’s feelings and opinions.

8) Reading helps you focus

Reading regularly improves your ability to concentrate and focus on a task. In a culture with plenty of distractions, this can only be a good thing!

9) Read now and benefit for years

Frequent readers have a lower incidence of dementia in later life.

10) Books expand your mind!

Learn more and be inspired, just by picking up a book.

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