Economics is a subject of enormous breadth which requires logical thinking combined with social awareness, and the ability to question and debate. The Department offers enrichment opportunities and nurtures independent thinkers.

Head of Department: Mr Michael Liggins

We believe that to enjoy and to do well in economics you must have a genuine interest in and willingness to read about and debate economic and political current events. Our pupils can take part in many enrichment activities, including trips and talks, to support their learning. People who study economics also learn many vital transferable skills, including how to evaluate data; to develop and present convincing arguments; and how to produce balanced and reasoned written reports.

This is an exciting time to study Economics and the Edexcel A Level course takes into account the many changes that have happened to our global economy in recent years. The girls will gain a greater insight into topics such as the global recession, wage inequality, changes to monetary and fiscal policy and will learn economic theory to explain and analyse them. They will study microeconomics and macroeconomics in both years.

At Downe House, Economics can be studied with a wide range of subjects and is often combined with Science subjects, Mathematics, Geography, History, or Politics. Pupils must have the ability to write a well-structured essay and be comfortable with mathematical formula and interpreting graphs.

Our economists gain excellent examination results and a high proportion go on to study economics at university. An economics degree is a very useful qualification in the competition for jobs. Whilst many of our former pupils later pursue careers in professions such as accountancy, banking and other financial services, others use their training in economics in a wide variety of other careers.

Full details of the A Level curriculum and further information about the teaching and learning of Economics at Downe House may be obtained by contacting the Head of Department, Mr Michael Liggins.

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