Meet our new Head and Deputy Seniors

A huge welcome to Arah and Tilly who will be leading the School community over the next twelve months.

10 May 2019

Get to know Arah and Tilly

After submitting their applications along with teachers’ references, interviews with the Headmistress and an online vote, we have our new Head and Deputy Seniors, Arah and Tilly! Here’s what they had to say about their new roles and plans for the coming year.

Why did you apply for a leadership position?

A: Firstly, I felt as though I could impact more areas of the School. It was also an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and put myself in positions that I otherwise wouldn’t be in, which I thought would be an incredible valuable experience for my future endeavours.

T: Because I wanted the chance to work with my year to improve the School as much as we can and continue the legacy previous Head Seniors have made.

What does leading the School community mean for you?

A: To me, leading the school, is being acutely aware of the impact that I may have on others. Making sure that in everything I do, I’m representing the school to the best of my abilities, and ultimately giving just my best. It also means trying to create an environment in which people feel comfortable to talk to me, and come to me with any difficulties they may have as well as trying improve all facets of school life. Finally, to me leading the school community means earning the respect of the people around me, students and staff alike.

T: Respecting and having respect from everyone at the School so that the Seniors and I can lead the School as best as we can and achieve our aims.

What are you most excited about?

A: I am most excited for the opportunity to meet new people, and to be involved in the parts of School life that I haven’t previously been involved in. I’m also really looking forward to building relationships with the staff, and learning a lot from them.

T: I am really excited to work with the Senior team when choosing our Senior aims and also planning Happy Day!

Do you have any specific aims for whilst you are in leadership?

A: For me making sure that everybody finds a passion within their studies which drives them is something I want to push; I want to help make a tangible difference in the way students approach their learning at School as a result.

T: We would like to ensure all our aims are achievable so that we can see them in action when we are still at School. Primarily we are focusing on improving everyone’s relationship with our local community by creating more opportunities to volunteer locally. We also want to strengthen DH Links and focus on mental health – not just our own mental health but what to do if your friend is having problems.

Any words for Cece and Dara, the outgoing Head and Deputy?

A: Honestly you guys have set the bar so high, from your sense of humour and endless optimism, to your work on raising awareness about mental health in school. Tilly and I are really looking forward to building on what you guys have already started and filling your giant sized shoes. I know you guys will make an impact wherever you end up next, so good luck and long live the queens!

T: You were both absolutely amazing! So thanks for leaving such big boots to fill! 

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