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The online Downe House Global Academy offers an impressive range of online super-curricular courses for intellectually ambitious 11- to 18-year-old girls around the world.

The Downe House Global Academy for 11- to 18-year-olds offers intellectually ambitious girls around the world an impressive range of online super-curricular courses that will enhance their curriculum studies and develop the vital skills that universities and employers are looking for: problem-solving and advanced critical thinking, analytical and communication skills, as well as self-confidence and independent study skills.

Girls can experience the calibre of teaching and learning at Downe House through interesting and enriching courses in the areas of Global Affairs and Social Sciences, STEM and Applied Sciences and English Literature and Public Speaking. They could study anything from Creating Life on Another Planet to Fast Fashion – all from the comfort of their home.

Our unique online Learning Management System is a portal through which our students access everything they need to complete each 10-week course which, over two years, could see them achieve the Downe House Diploma, as well as being available as one-off short courses. The portal is how the girls access all the live teaching, course content, assignments, progress reports and advice they need. Here, they also access seminars by expert guest speakers and can make important links and relationships with their Downe House buddies, as well as their personal Tutors, who will support them throughout their learning journey.

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Our e-learning programmes reflect everything that Downe House stands for, and in particular, its belief in the importance of balancing tradition and academic rigour on the one hand with innovation on the other, using technology to create truly boundary-less communities of young learners – all destined to unlock their potential and become Downe House girls wherever they are in the world!

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