Creative Arts Exhibition

Explore a year of Creative Arts with our Founder’s Weekend 2021 Exhibition.

Art, Design and Technology, Textiles and Photography, select the subject to discover more.


In recent times, the importance of creativity has really come into the spotlight.

Creativity connects us. It provides sanctuary, a positive way to spend time, an opportunity to reflect, and a means of expression.

We are proud to present a selection of artwork by girls from every year group in the first Founder’s exhibition to take place in the Murray Centre.

You will see an assortment of work that includes drawing, painting, printmaking, and mixed media, as well as three-dimensional outcomes, all of which show the amazing talents of the girls at Downe House.

Additional work, including that of online learners, is viewable on the screens on both floors.

Girls of all ages have produced square panels for a joint Science and Art department venture entitled ‘Art Under the Microscope’ which was launched on Project Day. A range of media has been used to create a collaborative piece on the upper floor.

‘Soundscapes’ has been a new and exciting project this term for our UIV girls in Music. Pupils have been recording everyday sounds and manipulating them using audio FX to create compositions that accompany artwork created by Downe House pupils. Please scan the QR codes next to the artworks which will take you to a Soundscape composed by one of our UIV girls. You can listen on your device.

Our Creative Arts Seniors will be on hand at various times over the weekend and would be delighted to answer questions about the work presented. Thank you for all of their hard work preparing for the exhibition and help over the weekend.

We hope you enjoy the show!

Mrs Kirsten Mortimer

Head of Art

Artists (left to right):

Harriet B, Tracy Z, Linlin C, Lottie C, Harriet B, Grace N.

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Design and Technology

The Design & Technology work on display this year looks different because of the lack of GCSE and A Level practical work. As seen in the students’ design work, some innovative ways have been used to communicate their design intentions. Working remotely students have gained skills in using drawing apps such as sketchbook, SketchUp and TinkerCAD. We have also made use of our 3D printer. We are pleased to show the practical work of the recent Lower School groups from the Summer term.

Mr Iain Kent

I/C Product Design

Please click on the year group to read more about each project.


Product Design: Trinket Box Project

The Remove begin by using basic hand tools to create a hardwood keyring as a practise exercise. The trinket box involves accurate measuring and cutting to create a rebate joint. Veneers and pyrography are used to decorate the lid.


Electronics: Night light Project

This project teaches the students about the basic components and how they can work together in a light sensing circuit. The circuit uses the voltage divider principle to turn the LEDs on when it is dark. They learn about soldering and assembling circuits. The creative element of this project involves making the character in clay which is then vacuum formed. The packaging finishes off the product nicely!

Lower Fourth

Electronics: CyberPet Project:

After firstly soldering the circuit together, the students learn about programming a microchip by using BASIC. The inputs (switch and light sensor) and outputs (speaker and LED lights) can be controlled in the programme that the student writes and downloads to the chip. Techsoft Design is also used to create the character which is laser cut in different colours.

Lower Fourth

Product Design: Clocks Project

The Lower Fourth learn about laminating plywood to create the curved clock support. They also use the strip heater to bend the acrylic base into shape. Designs are first created by drawing out on Techsoft Design and sending it to the laser cutter.

Upper Fourth

Mono Speaker

This project allows the opportunity to develop an original design through the use of modelling and prototypes. Students learn how to assemble a circuit to create an amplified speaker that can plug into any device with a headphone jack.

GCSE Lower Fifth


This project encourages pupils to work through the design process to develop an original idea of their own. The design needs to accommodate the necessary circuit and allow for any heat given off the LEDs. This mini design project prepares students for GCSE coursework.

A Level Lower Sixth

A Level Design and Technology

During the foundation year of A Level, small projects are completed as practice for the main Non Exam Assessment Project. Despite being in Lockdown, we managed to complete a bluetooth speaker.

A Level Lower Sixth

A Level Design and Technology

During the foundation year of A Level, small projects are completed as practice for the main Non Exam Assessment Project. Despite being in Lockdown, we managed to complete a bluetooth speaker.

GCSE and A Level: Non Exam Assessment Projects (NEA)

This work forms 50% of the final grade and is completed on PowerPoint. Unfortunately, it has not been possible for the students to make their products because of the lockdown. Therefore, the mark schemes were adjusted to allow the students to show how they would have made their projects instead. Using 3D apps like SketchUp and TinkerCAD were invaluable. Parts could also be printed out in 3D.  


Mirabel S (UV) designed a jewellery holder aimed at a teenage audience.

“The layers and back will be made from pine with mahogany veneer. The back will be attached to the top with two biscuit joints (one on either side of the centre). The mirror will be inlaid and glued to the wood. The sides will be made from colourless acrylic, cut out on a laser cutter and will be attached by fitting into a groove in the wood made by a router.” – Mirabel S.

A Level

Omolade P used TinkercCAD, a 3D digital design software, to create her multifunctional cabinet.

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Whilst it has been extremely challenging to navigate online learning with a practical subject, it is clear to see within this exhibit of outstanding work that the GCSE and A Level Outcomes are unparalleled. The talent and creativity are clear to see despite the challenges faced within remote learning.  

Miss Amy Majerski

Head of Textiles

Follow the exhibition around the Murray Centre, or enjoy online, and learn more about each individual piece with Miss Majerski’s guide to the GCSE and A Level work.


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The past eighteen months have been a challenging time for pupils of any age, and particularly in the Creative Arts. Certain aspects to overcome for the Photography students included shooting new work when we were restricted to our homes for twenty-three hours a day. Some students found themselves in remote parts of the countryside, with others living in (now) quiet cities that would otherwise be full of life, movement and possibility. Needless to say, it is incredibly difficult, nigh on impossible, to make new work when there is little to photograph and it is important to stay indoors without the usual access to the Photographic Studio, the Darkroom, School equipment, and state-of-the-art Microsoft Studio Surface Pros, which we are fortunate to have at Downe House.

This exhibition is a great indicator not only of the talent we have in School but a reminder of just how creative, imaginative and resilient our students can be when faced with adversity and challenge.

Photography in the Sixth Form often transcends the still image and we have always embraced other aspects within the subject such as painting, drawing, installation, mixed-media techniques and video; this is more than apparent with the work on display provided by both the LVI and UVI cohort. The pieces on show are just some of the final edits from independent, personal portfolios chosen by each individual.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Mrs Natalie Fox-Bloor

Teacher of Fine Art Photography, I/C Photography

Photography work by pupils at Downe House School

Artists (from left to right):

Alex W, Alex W, Bella H, Bella H, Hope T, Hope T, Tracy Z, Elsa K, Alex W, Georgia B

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