Seeking a diverse student population in order to provide a well-rounded educational environment and opportunities for all.

We are committed to offering talented girls access to everything which a Downe House education provides, regardless of their means

Last year, 22 girls benefited from full and partial means-tested bursaries. We value pupils who will flourish in and contribute to life at Downe House, seizing every opportunity and enriching our community.

These gifted pupils will benefit from an education and boarding environment of the highest calibre and quality, as well as the provision of academic, cultural, sporting and social experiences to help them reach their potential.

Our means-tested bursaries are available at all points of entry to Downe House and vary in size based on the circumstances of the applicant’s family. We offer financial assistance as high as 100% plus an allowance towards School extras, recognising that a Downe House education encompasses more than classroom learning.

Bursaries also take into account academic entry requirements and an applicant’s capacity to progress in their work through the School.

If you feel that you may need the support of a bursary, please discuss with us well in advance of your daughter’s date of entry. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Registrar, Miss Angela Nutt by calling 01635 204701 for a confidential conversation, and find out more by reading our Parents Guide on Bursaries.

Developing our contribution means developing a pupil’s potential

In accordance with the general guidance on Public Benefit from the Charity Commission, we continue to develop our overall contribution in addition to the plans for increasing the number of means-tested Bursaries. In 2019/20, an average of 585 boarders and 24 day girls were educated at no cost to the state, and the School has continued to achieve high standards in all areas, focusing on its aim of providing each individual girl with an excellent all-round education thus enabling her to achieve her potential.

You can read more about our commitment to the future of Downe House here.

Support our Bursary Fund

By giving towards the Bursary Fund, you will be making a difference to a child’s future and be part of a philanthropic tradition that reaches back over 100 years.

If you would like to find out more information about supporting our Bursary Fund, please contact

Mr Alun Jones
Director of the Foundation and Head of International Education Development
Direct Tel: 01635 207747
Email: JonesA@downehouse.net

Tours & Open Mornings

The best way to find out more about Downe House is to experience it for yourself. Book a personal tour or join us at one of our Open Mornings, available throughout the year.