7 easy ways to make your workout more eco-friendly

Make your workout routine more eco-friendly and sustainable with these simple tips from Miss Quarterman, our Assistant Director of Sport.

19 January 2021

1) Get outside

Reflect on where you live. Rather than driving to a gym or into your local town, can you walk or bike instead? One recent study concluded that walking a mile and a half would create 75% fewer greenhouse gases than we would produce from driving the same distance.

2) Remember your reusable water bottle

More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. Contributing plastic bottles damage our environment and harm wildlife. Plus, they take hundreds of years to break down. Do your part by committing to an eco-friendly alternative! Lots of brands also support great causes, such as soul bottles who partner with Bracenet, an organisation that works to free our oceans from the ravages of fishing nets. You can also buy a cork sleeve for extra protection!

At Downe House we’ve been making sustainable switches to reduce our waste and stopping our provision of plastic water bottles has been a meaningful highlight.

3) Eco-friendly mat

If you’re working out from home without one, invest in an eco-friendly gym mat made from sustainable materials such as natural rubber. For full marks, the mats should really come in recyclable packaging as well! Liforme mats are fully recyclable. They are determined not to use toxic inks and no toxic glue is used in their design. Their packaging is also fully recyclable.

4) Switch out your deodorant

Make sure you smell amazing whilst you work out. Make the switch from your roll-on or spray deodorant for a solid deodorant bar! Lush have a wide range of packaging-free deodorant bars.

5) Commit to environmentally-friendly workout gear

When you find yourself needing some workout gear, there are plenty of options for more environmentally-friendly options. Sweaty Betty have a pair of leggings made from recycled bottles and lots of companies have clothing made from bamboo. Small business StayWildSwim offers swimwear made from old fishing nets and leftover fabric scraps.

6) Try out shampoo and conditioner bars

After a tough workout we all love a good shower. Why not swap plastic bottles for shampoo and conditioner bars? Use solid soap bars too and you’ve ditched all those plastic bottles on your shower floor! You can also buy solid moisturiser or head to waste-free shops where you can refill your bottles!

7) Exchange your old workout gear

If your kit is looking a little worse for wear, there are lots of shops such as Marks and Spencer and H&M where you can trade in old clothing and get a voucher to spend in store on new kit. Who doesn’t love a new pair of leggings?!

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