Winter Sports Week brings out House spirit

Winter Sports Day this year became Winter Sports Week, as the five Houses battled it out in a spectacular array of sports including lacrosse, netball, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, crossfit, cross country and rowing!

14 December 2020

It wasn’t just the girls on-site who got involved in this year’s Winter Sports Week, but our digital learners were also submitting House fitness challenges, the staff were upping their step counts and recording their 3km times, and families were running their own 3km races too.

With results still coming in, it’s already clear to see that each House has plenty to celebrate – Aisholt places first in cheerleading, Holcombe win Lower Fourth lacrosse, AGN win Upper Fourth hockey, Tedworth win the Intermediate Cup for cycling and AGS win Lower Sixth Just Dance.

In families and staff events, Aisholt win the Housestaff step count competition, Mrs Ford wins the Leadership Team step count challenge and AGN win the 3km Families Run.

Winter Sports Week this year became something bigger and better, bringing the whole community together across more events than ever. But don’t take our word for it; here are some reactions to Winter Sports Week from girls across the School.

Louisa in Remove

Louisa (Luli) in Remove wrote about her experience at her very first inter-House competition:

“Winter Sports Week was a key highlight of everyone’s term, as it was not only our first inter-House event but it was also a lot of fun. It was so great to see all the House colours and teamwork going on as well as trying new positions when we didn’t necessarily have enough people. It was also fantastic to see the on-line learners getting involved with their House fitness tasks set which all added up to their House’s points to decide a winner. One of my favourite parts of inter-House sports was seeing how everyone was supporting each other (especially in cross country!) and everyone showed such great sportsmanship whilst even pushing people in other Houses to also do their best and getting to know each other properly! The sports pitches were completely flooded with everyone in their House-coloured clothes as well as the netball courts being covered with pom-poms from the Remove cheerleading.

This was definitely my favourite part of the term and I think we all especially enjoyed the donut races in the pool! The captains all did an incredible job of leading their teams, especially getting all of the positions ready in time, and everyone did so well and played their hardest! I’m so looking forward to more inter-House events hopefully soon and also doing some new sports and competitive matches next term.”

India in Lower Fourth

India (Indi) recounted her experience of Super Saturday during Winter Sports Week:

“The Saturday of Winter Sports Week was such a fun event for everyone. Each House was involved in some competitive netball and lacrosse matches. It was great to see everyone try their best to win each match for their House. We played against every House and there were some really tight games. It was really fun dressing up for my House and seeing everyone wear wigs and skirts in their House colours. It was really sad that we couldn’t finish it as I was really looking forward to it. But I’m excited for next term and all the new sporting activities.”

Emilia and Cecilia in Lower Fifth

Emilia and Cecilia wrote a poem to document their Winter Sports Week 2020!

As December came rushing in
It was time for Winter Sports Day to begin
With endless events planned out
All the Houses began to shout

The lacrosse was the first to take place
With all five Houses competing in the chase
With much team spirit and lots of fun
In the end, Tedworth won

After, players ran to the squash courts
To commence the second of the sports
From seed one to seed six, everyone put up a fight
Tedworth won again, to their delight

Following this the cycling crew
Quickly, headed down to the Concert Room
Six minutes straight pedalling hard to win
AGN won, leaving with a grin

Swimming was the last of the day
The one with the most enthusiasm, we would say
Congratulations to AGS, who came out on top
But the Winter Sports fun was yet to stop

Cross country was the last event before we had to go
Staggered starts because breaking bubbles was a no
A great effort completed by everyone
But, AGN came out and won the run!

There are still virtual challenges taking place
So, the title of the champions is still a race
Thank you to everyone involved with making it great
We are all excited for the results so we can’t wait!

By Emilia and Cecilia

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