Travelling to Melbourne by ourselves was definitely a challenge…

Kate and Mia UV Global Exchange Students

4 September 2018

During our exchanges we were staying with host families who made the whole experience possible. They organised a variety of trips and activities for us to see and feel Australia. We were extremely grateful for their kindness as even for just one month we felt part of their family.


It was definitely a challenge to travel to Melbourne by ourselves especially when our first flight was delayed by a few hours therefore we almost missed our flight. However, I am sure that this experience will benefit us in future travelling. In the city, we travelled almost everywhere by train and tram and after just a few times of getting lost, we found our way and realised just how easy it is.


We enjoyed studying at MLC because their educational system and curriculum in general really differs from our school. It was interesting to observe lessons as well as participation in discussions. It felt like their school day was more laid-back, finishing at 3.30pm and allowing us some free time to explore the city. Moreover, their school offered some subjects which are not available at Downe House such as psychology and philosophy and lots of references to Australia’s Indigenous people and Australian history.


Our host families organised many trips including surfing, driving down the Great Ocean Road and visiting animal sanctuaries and the school also took us to many interesting places, especially Banksia – we were travelling along with other exchange students from France and Spain and our supervisors kept us busy all day. We had a chance to try out kayaking, caving star-gazing and many other activities making it a very memorable trip.

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