Planning a Gap Year?

The annual Gap Year Fair organised by the Higher Education Department brought 25 companies to Downe House to showcase a huge variety of ideas for those wanting to take a year out after they finish their A Levels. 

8 May 2019

Lower Sixth girl, Zoe reports,  

“Taking a jaunt round the Fair, it was easy to find a great range of gap year opportunities on offer from cookery and language courses to conservation projects, based all around the world. It planted many seeds about what is out there to explore during a gap year as well as information about the best ways to fund travel and even ways to enhance our career paths.  

I talked to Rachel McDermott, who was there to showcase the work of Burnett Global Education Limited, and I learnt about placements in the Luxury Brand Management, Sports and Event Management sector and what would be involved. My next stop was Culsan’s Gap Travel, who specialise in wildlife conservation and sustainability in Kenya, and they presented me with the opportunity to work with those who have never worked with ‘Gappies’ in the most amazing setting.” 

The Gap Year Fair offered a wealth of information and opportunities for the Lower Sixth girls who want to take a year out, and possibly even convinced some of those who don’t that it might be worth thinking about. Many thanks to the Higher Education Department for organising such a successful event. 

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