Literary Senior recommendations for Lower School

Our Literary Seniors, Fife and Vivi (UVI), share their favourite book series aimed at Lower School readers.

12 February 2023

We asked our Literary Seniors, Fife and Vivi, to think back to what books captured their imagination when they were in Lower School. Read on to discover which book series they favoured from 11-13 years old.

Fife recommends the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan is a light-hearted fantasy series about a modern 12-year-old boy who learns that his true father is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. He goes on quests and journeys in his fight to save the day, meeting all sorts of people along the way. It has action, mystery and romance all wrapped up into one amazing series.

And if you find that you love this series, Rick Riordan has created an expansive universe following more characters, new and old, on their journeys as they navigate the dangerous path that being a demigod entails, with even more action and intrigue set in the same world as Percy Jackson.

Literary Senior Vivi recommends The Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini is a 4-book series that follows the journey of a young boy named Eragon, who discovers a dragon egg and trains to become a Dragon Rider. Throughout the series, Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, embark on dangerous quests and battle against powerful enemies like the Urgals or the Shade in order to protect their homeland of Alagaësia.

I absolutely adored this series as a teen, not only because it involved dragons but also because, though it features a rather classic hero’s journey tale, the protagonist is very much relatable. He doesn’t start off smart, talented, strong, or even brave, but we can see how he gradually gets smarter, stronger, and braver. Additionally, the magic system in the series is incredibly detailed, making me feel very much immersed in its world – a character of the book that accompanies Eragon on his journey.

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