Leadership Challenge 

The role of a Senior at Downe House carries a number of responsibilities designed primarily to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. As Downe House shares a similar ethos to Radley College, the two schools combined for a day of training for the Seniors who have taken up their new roles this term.

24 September 2019

UVI student and Games Captain, Anna reports, 

When we arrived at the Murray Centre, we had time to meet and catch up with the boys from Radley and then we were introduced to the workshop leaders who set out the aims and objectives for the day.  

Being a Senior in the Upper Sixth means you have to balance your academic work with your responsibilities and duties. In groups of eight, we mind mapped the rules and responsibilities of being a Senior and the opportunities and challenges that come with it. It was really good fun to do it with the Radley boys as I think there was a broader scope of ideas, which led to more interesting discussions and comparisons.  

One of the themes of the day was the importance of listening and communication skills to being a good leader. We worked in our groups whilst blindfolded to build a tower, having one of our peers to lead us and instruct us on what to do.  

After a break for lunch, we came back to learn about personality sorting, which gave us a quick and easy insight into identifying people’s personalities and traits. We learned about four types of personality and their different skills and characteristics, which could help us to tailor the way we communicate with people. Of course, there was a proviso that people could, and often do, have a combination of attributes from all four types.  

We all found the training day very interesting and it reiterated to everyone the importance of individual communication and taking into account different skills and qualities.  

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