Dancing the Hunger Games

The fabulous Hunger Games trilogy proved an exciting inspiration for the Downe House Dance Company’s latest production staged in the Murray Centre Auditorium.

29 January 2020

Audience member, Emily in the Upper Sixth reviewed the show,

As soon as we entered the Auditorium, the atmosphere was already very intense. The set was designed with the audience surrounding the stage which made us all feel like we were a part of the action. Soon, the music began, the lights were out and the show began. The first dance really set the very high standard that continued throughout the show. The amazing choreography was evident in all the dances and each dancer showed passion through her face as well as her movement. Half way through the show, the outfits changed and a new set was brought on in a very creative way as part of the dance which looked extremely professional. This really heightened the intensity of the performance and made it all the more exciting. One of my highlights was Carina’s solo as Katniss in which she really showcased her talent for dancing as well as her acting skills – it was incredible! Overall, the Dance Company and Academy’s first dance show was a huge success and I know that many of us are looking forward to whatever is going to come next!

Cast member and Dance Senior, Carina in the Upper Sixth said,

The Hunger Games dance show was such an amazing experience for both the dancers and audience. Captivated by the brilliant choreography of the dance teachers, and the incredible sound and lighting, all members of the Dance Academy and Company enjoyed being able to bring the vision to life. Having been the first of its kind at Downe House, it has set an impressive standard for the performances in the years to come. From auditioning to being part of the dance team, to learning the choreography, through to the performances, each girl was able to develop their dancing skills while being part of an amazing team of dancers. It was fascinating to see how the different pieces of choreography came together to form such an amazing performance. I am honoured to have been part of a show that created such a profound effect on the audience and was able to tell a story, purely through the art of dance.

Creative Director of the Hunger Games and Head of Extra-Curricular Dance, Miss Olivia Ward said,

These two groups of girls auditioned back in September and have since worked tirelessly to create a show which took the audience on an exciting journey inside the mind of a child forcibly placed inside a sick and twisted game where the only escape is to mercilessly murder the other players. The dark and depraved theme of the show has meant the girls have had to step outside their comfort zones and immerse themselves in choreography and performance skills unlike anything they have done before. All their hard work certainly paid off and every single girl performed to the best of her ability. I am very proud of the whole cast and would like to thank everyone for making the show such a success.

You can see the whole album of photos from the Hunger Games below.

Hunger Games dance production

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