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Stitched is one of the two Downe House companies set up by Sixth Form girls who have embarked on the Young Enterprise Company Programme this year, which provides a framework for young people to set up and run a business.

8 March 2020

The ten girls in the company all have roles covering the functions in a business from operations and sales to finance and administration. The group meets every Wednesday evening to undertake the year-long Young Enterprise education programme and to make all the decisions about running their business from choosing a name, managing the finances and selling their product. Tasked with funding their start-up business, Stitched got to work making scrunchies and earrings to sell to the audience on the day of House Drama and succeeded in raising £500. The next step was to decide on their product or service, and after much discussion and a few blind alleys, the girls chose to source a range of black beanie hats embroidered with the Stitched logo in a range of colours. After a photoshoot and launch on Instagram, they took part in the Newbury and West Berkshire Young Enterprise Trade Fair in the Kennet Shopping Centre in Newbury. Stitched joined five teams from other schools in the area to set up their stalls and sell their products to the general public. The girls are currently working on the launch of their online sales platform which they are hoping will generate more sales from the general public.

Stitched Managing Director, Jemima explained,

I chose to do Young Enterprise because I wanted to gain experience of what it is like to run a business. As Managing Director, the scheme has taught me a lot about leading a team, managing finances and ensuring that everyone works together to ensure that tasks are carried out effectively and in line with deadlines. Learning to deal with the obstacles we have encountered in the manufacturing process has been a particularly valuable experience. Acquiring this understanding of how business works has strengthened my ability to deal with such problems. Overall it has been a very rewarding activity that I have really enjoyed and any profit at the end will be a bonus!

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Keep an eye on their progress and DM them if you would like to order a beanie or two!


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