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Upper Fourth

Estelle Alldis-Kervella
Going to Lacrosse Nationals for the first time having learnt to play lacrosse this year.

Lara Hallas
When the U14s got through to the second round in the County Tournament.

Zara Hughes
Singing in the choir at Murray Music Moments.

Natasha Hussain
I played my first ever tennis match.

Hitomi Kotaka (Yip)
Performing in House Music, representing AGN.

Gauri Langhae
The Butterfly Lecture when so many of the teachers got involved – especially our Housestaff!

Emily Loden
Joining Downe House during the year, not at the start like everyone else.

Matilda McCormick
Running in the 1500m and coming second.

Petra McKay
Hearing about the Butterfly Lecture, getting really scared, then being surprised with the teachers’ play!

Ian Ng
Ski Trip!!

Trinity Parkes
When the Upper Fourth hockey team got through to the next round in the County Tournament.

Selma Schmitt
Swimming at the Bath Cup and breaking a School record.

Ngaihiu (Elisa) Wang
I really enjoyed going on the Tennis Trip to Portugal during the Easter holidays.

Ziyi (Summer) Xu
When I improved in my tests and got into the Final of Young Musician of the Year.

Tiffany Ying
I enjoyed the Music activities as I was able to listen to all the talented performances.

Lower Fifth

Tanitoluwa Akeju
I was awarded the ‘Players’ Player’ award by my lacrosse team.

Saskia Andrews
The first sunny day of the term, playing tennis and catching up with my friends.

Cymbeline Attwater
Dr Seddon let me teach the Physics class, apparently I would know all the answers…

Margaret Chiu
My best moment this year is when I had a sleepover with my friend.

Elizabeth Ford
When I won the British Schoolgirl Ski Races under 16 unregistered race.

Maria Gomonova
My best moment was Horse Riding at the weekends.

Yang (Queena) Hu
I’m in a good dorm with the people I want to share with!

Sophie Losschmidt
The Radley Social.

Lucie Mareschal de Charentenay
When I was part of a great team during House Dance!

Nina Mutton
I loved the Butterfly Lecture!

Faatihah Ogunfemi
Basketball tournaments in the Michaelmas term.

Scarlett Porter
Going to the Netherlands on the Global Exchange!

Veronika Reinl
The Winchester Social – an amazing and fun evening that I helped to plan with great music!

Nathalie Ross
Basketball in the Michaelmas Term.

Ottavia Ryan
My Confirmation at Radley, in a beautiful chapel sharing it with my friends and family.

Yiling Shi
House Drama!

Camilla Spread
Ice-cream making in House!

Upper Fifth

Oluwakoyinsola Akeju
House Music was an incredible experience and I loved interacting with girls from various years.

Pearl (Ivie) Avwenagha
Fireworks night, eating s’mores and dancing with my friends.

Sophie Bartley
Watching Traitors every Thursday with my friends.

Molly Bates
Going to the astro to practise hockey and to Tesco at the weekend with friends.

Amelia Brake
Watching Traitors in the evenings.

Tabitha Brewer
When we all came together to watch Traitors with treats, lots of chatting and laughter.

Mia Corbett
Enjoying a game of tennis in the sun with friends!

Hedy Dong
Volleyball masterclass with Dana was definitely a once in a decade experience – everyone loved it!

Charlotte Foulkes
I really enjoyed being involved in the Michaelmas Concert!

Felicity Harris
AGN House Drama and music events, they were very exciting and fun.

Shihan (Helen) He
Studying with my friends.

Amelia Hicks
Joining in on the Les Mills fitness class.

Joline Lam
Mrs Broyd and Miss Briv participating in their first AGN House events!

Eloise Minson
Sitting at a really fun table at the AGN at Home event last November.

Anna Stopford
Spending time with my friends in the sun!

Annabel Trew
Having a lot of fun with my friends at Tiffany’s birthday party.

Charlotte Wheeler
Watching Traitors with everyone, delicious snacks, great fun discussing what we thought would happen!

Enyi (Christina) Zhao
Raps in assemblies – undefinable talent and I will forever remember Ms Joice’s poem!

Sophia Zhu
A sunny day without exams, essays and prep (…unfortunately music practice is inevitable)!

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