History of Art

The History of Art mirrors the history of humankind, and with a wide-ranging curriculum, Sixth Form students focus on major art movements from the 5th century BC to the present day.

History of Art Teacher: Ms Diane Slocombe

The History of Art is an academic subject, which, while focusing on the analysis of painting, sculpture and architecture, incorporates many other subject disciplines including history, classical civilization, literature, religion, and philosophy and ethics. The study of Art History develops skills of analysis, debate and written argument.

The Department offers a very wide-ranging curriculum, selected from the Edexcel A Level syllabus. Sixth Form students gain knowledge of major art movements and styles from 5th Century BC to the present day as they develop sophisticated skills of visual analysis. In the Lower Sixth (Year 12), detailed study of the Renaissance in Florence, Rome and Venice is contrasted by the study of modern art in the United States and Britain from 1960s – 2015. In the Upper Sixth (Year 13), the themes of Nature and Identity are studied. This offers a broad-based exploration of the developments in art and architecture, and connections between movements and periods across time and place, including works outside the European tradition.

History of Art is a very popular subject beyond Downe House, with many of the pupils going on to study the subject at university in the UK and abroad.

Full details of the curriculum are available in the Sixth Form options publication and further information about the teaching and learning of Art History may be obtained by contacting Ms Diane Slocombe.

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