Digital teaching & learning

Increasingly we find ourselves untethered from physical locations with the ability to produce and consume information for work or play, with those lines becoming ever more blurred. Students everywhere need advanced skills to flourish in the globalised, information-based world of today.


Technology touches every aspect of life

At Downe House we are committed to preparing our girls for their future. It is now more important than ever to equip them with the key skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.  Some of those skills are:

  • Collaboration
  • Innovative solutions to real world problems
  • Being aspirational and using ICT for learning

Removing classroom walls

We are very fortunate at Downe House to have the highest number of MIEE (Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts) trained in the UK, which creates a School culture of adaptability and innovation. Alongside this our digital strategy means that we are prepared for innovative and collaborative learning that is outside of the classroom environment.

Research shows that innovative digital teaching and learning is facilitated by students’ ready access to technology. To this end, every new student begins School with their own fully set-up Microsoft Surface Pro and has an extensive induction on the variety of ways they can use and experiment with this device to best suit their own learning style.

School work is entirely managed on cloud-based applications and storage (Microsoft Office 365 including Teams and OneNote) so that girls can access schoolwork, lessons and most importantly communicate with staff when they are not physically at School. Alongside this runs our complimentary online video software system, Planet eStream, that enables live stream and lesson capture as well as TV and radio recording and direct access to 2 million TV and radio programmes to enhance our digital learning resources.

Our holistic digital system also allows for pastoral care provision with the continuation of one-to-one video tutorials and virtual breaktimes and meetings, as well as a whole host of activities and workshops outside of the curriculum.

Our curriculum

We use market-leading technologies, hardware, and software to facilitate and support the development of 21st century skills. Our ICT and Computer Science curriculum has been put together to build and leverage these skills.

We teach girls to be responsible and safe in the use of technology. The girls are encouraged to develop their problem-solving skills and are exposed to various levels of coding to enable Computer Science as an option at GCSE and A Level.

The GCSE in Computer Science is an opportunity to learn how computers and computer systems work, and to expand on their programming and problem-solving skills. The girls also look at some of the legal and ethical issues around technology.

The Computer Science A level allows the girls to deepen their knowledge and understanding of technology on a wide range of topics.

Visits & Open Mornings

The best way to find out more about Downe House, is to come and experience it for yourself – arrange a visit or join us for one of our Open Mornings?