A visit from a Roman soldier

The Lower Fourth spent a morning in the Murray Centre hearing all about life in the Roman army from a Roman soldier called Titus.

21 June 2019

Lower Fourth classicist Emilie reports on the visit from Titus.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to be visited by a Roman soldier called Titus. He started off by explaining the different categories for the army, i.e. a Centurion is 80 men. He was fully dressed in alegate’s armour and this really helped bring everything to life! 

He stayed in character throughouttelling us lots of stories about life in the army. I also learnt that the mohawk on his helmet was to signify his importance so that during a battleeveryonewould know to obey orders from him and him only.We were finally allowed to try on replicas of all the armour and weapons. I found it super fun and very interesting!” 

Classics teacher, Ms Plummer explained how the visit will tie into the Classics department showcase at this year’s Founder’s Weekend. 

“We invited Commander Titus in to visit the Lower Fourth to set them a task for the end of the school year: to recruit female soldiers for his modern new all-female legion. The girls learned about life in the Roman army, including the need to keep your armour on while using the loo to protect against sneak-attacks! The girls also got to try out some of the armour and weapons, which were thankfully blunted for stage-use, and practised the famous Roman ‘testudo’ formation with their shields. Everyone had a great time and will now be working to complete their mission: to produce promotional materials for the Roman army, which will be on display in the Classics department over Founder’s Weekend.”

View the full album from Titus’ visit.


Classics: Roman Solider Visit

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