AGN Triumphs in House Science Competition:
A Showcase of Academic Excellence


16 November 2023

In a riveting display of intellectual prowess and scientific knowledge, the annual House Science Competition unfolded, capturing the attention of students from all year groups and houses. Tedworth, AGN, AGS, Holcombe, and Aisholt nominated their brightest minds from Remove to Upper Sixth, setting the stage for a captivating battle of wits.

The competition, divided into three challenging rounds, commenced with the lightning-fast buzzer round, where participants showcased their speed of thought and recall abilities. The mind-bending puzzle round followed suit, designed to push problem-solving skills to the ultimate test. The ‘Famous Experiments’ round provided a platform for contestants to exhibit their knowledge of key scientific milestones, adding an enriching dimension to the competition.

However, beyond the realm of academic rivalry, the House Science Competition stood out as a celebration of unity and sportsmanship. The event successfully brought together girls from different year groups, fostering a sense of community as they represented their respective houses in this thrilling academic pursuit.


AGN emerged as the undisputed champions, securing a remarkable 60-point lead over their closest competitors. Among the standout performers, Gauri and Alexandra from the Upper Fourth (Year 9) drew special attention for their impressive contributions. Additionally, a commendation goes to the Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13) duo of Tundun and Helena for their exceptional skill in cracking one of the Physics brain-busters.

It was fantastic to see some of our most talented STEM students successfully take on the challenges laid down by their Science teachers. I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and skills on display – we may have to make it even harder next year!
A huge thanks to Mr. Reynolds for organising and hosting such a positive event.
– Mr Littledale (Head of STEM)

The House Science Competition not only showcased academic excellence but also highlighted the importance of fostering a collaborative spirit among students across various year groups. As the curtain falls on this year’s competition, anticipation builds for what promises to be an even more challenging and rewarding event in 2024.


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