Elizabeth Apps
Tutoring people at the School.

Yuka Arikura
I loved helping decorate the House for Christmas on the weekends!

Aleksandra Bekker
Being taught by Angel to ride a skateboard.

Alisa Belotskiy
Playing my last lacrosse game for the Bs, because I was surprised to find out Miss Butler had moved me up to the As!

Sydney Dell
Hanging out with my friends.

Sofia Faissola
When I won the review on Book Buzz competition.

AralolaOluwa Fatokun
When the Hill team won the Spelling Bee and I raised the trophy.

Amaya Hyare
When we played doubles matches for tennis because it was so fun.

Tilly McClymont
Hanging around with my friends in the summer.

Sarah Merson
When I got a good score on my Maths test and I wasn’t expecting to!

Francesca Mitchell
Lacrosse tournaments.

Laashja Pirathapan
Spending time with my friends skateboarding.

Sadie Stepanek
On Happy Day when the Sixth Form came in during lunch.

Elizabeth Sutherland
I loved Secret Santa, as it was fun trying to keep our gifts secret.

Yicen Tong
Playing swing ball.

Betsy Zammett
The Lower School Dance-a-Thon, I loved dancing with my friends.

Nuoyi (Lucy) Zhang
At Easter when everybody was looking for the golden egg.

Lower Fourth

Hiu Ping (Michelle) Cheung
When Madame Symkowiak said “Merci, Google Translate”.

Isabella Filo
When we did the Drama Scholars’ play as it was incredible.

Danielle Jibodu
Winning three medals in an athletics tournament.

Helen Foulkes
Playing with paper cups with a fork with Clemmie!

YiQing (Nancy) Ke
I remember during one French class we watched Peppa Pig in French!

Emma Kovalchuk
When we went to the mountains in France to go sledging.

Katherine Langworthy
During Sauveterre, we went to the Lac-du-Carbonne and swam in the lake with inflatables together.

Isabella Lloyd George
In Sauveterre, when we went to a waterpark and ate burgers.

Ziqun (Linda) Lu
When we went to France and went to the aqua park.

Zara Mahmood
When I watched a movie called Le Chorus in Sauveterre.

Rose Morgan
When Madame Szymkowiak hit a hornet with a broom in Sauveterre whilst standing on chair.

Gisella Perhar
Learning how to moonwalk with Miss Cowgill.

Isabella Raynsford
In Sauveterre I saved Linda from being locked out late at night after flying in from Exeat.

Pandora Rycroft
Our last night in Sauveterre when we were all allowed to sleep on the floor.

Georgiana Sokol
The whole year were tanning on their towels, by a lake, all in a row on a school trip.

Isabella Warr
Playing Rivra Games and spending time by the pool in Sauveterre.

Sophia Zhang
Playing with the dogs.

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