York BMS

Alice Aird
Enjoying my prefect duties and getting to know all the girls.

Mwansa Banda
Relaxing in York and changing into my own clothes after a busy school day.

Alice Barber
The first Downe House Daily release after all of Yazzy’s and my hard work.

Anjola Bolodeoku
Choreographing and winning House Dance, and becoming Deputy Head Senior.

Jemima Booth
Tennis in the evening with friends in the sun.

Serena Browne
Winning House Music for AGS!

Tanaya Budhwani
When I won the Galbraith House Debating Cup in the debate competition.

Neriah Chanda
Performing as a member of symphony orchestra in the Michaelmas Concert.

Keira Chua
Winning best choreography for House Dance!

Olivia Cole
My best moment was going on a Politics trip to the Welsh Senedd.

Lydia Isadora Dyer
Singing in Prima Voce – especially the Vivaldi’s Gloria duet with Alice. Also founding Janus Society!

Chantelle Eveleigh
Playing tennis at the charity tournament with Jemima.

Ophelia Fisher
My conversations with Mrs Mears-Smith.

Alice Gillham
Making St David’s Day Welsh cakes with Mrs Mears-Smith and tennis with Miss Toogood.

Freya Hanbury
Chatting with everyone in the Common Room!

Laurena Horatio Jones
Inviting friends over to the Common Room and all of us having a blast!

Yunyi (Michelle) Jiang
Having a chatting session with Ms Lyne at the end of Chemistry lessons.

Adekunbi Karunwi
Banana bread making with Muna and Mrs Roshier.

Blanca Laidler
Going to the gym every night with Jemima.

Michelle Lee
When I learnt about the financial sector from two alumni through the DH LINKS event.

Emilia Lim
Meeting all the new girls and making amazing friends in Sixth Form Induction Week.

Zoe Mareschal de Charentenay
Becoming Head of AGN!

Iona Neville
Chatting in the office.

Ravisada (Aiko) Nivatanonda
Long Wednesday lunchtimes with my friends.

Amelia O’Connor
The eventful day of going to Bath for our Christmas trip and ice skating.

Adesola Odeyemi
York House Council House Breakfast was amazing to sit and chat with friends and I loved having a lie in too!

Ju-Eun Park
Inflatable Friday!

Chanidapa (Ham) Pitchayasaowapak
Participating in MedSoc and Dissection Club.

Xin (Emily) Pu
Wining House Drama for Aisholt!

Clara Rainsford
Yorkledon – Summer Term tennis charity competition!

Varuni Rameshwar
Definitely House Drama where the enthusiasm in every House was infectious; I loved it!

Isabelle Regis
Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday in York.

Rose Rollo
Aisholt winning House Drama 2024!

Amelia Simpson
Making new friends and being Caledonian Society President.

Harriet Slipper
Playing human-sized Hungry Hippos at the inflatables, I felt and looked ridiculous but that was the fun of it!

Florence Smith
Walking down the coast on our Geography field trip.

Lauren Ting
Fireworks night!

Rachael (Zion) Unachukwu
Being in York enjoying the weekend treat nights with friends!

Cathy Wang
Going for walks in the forest with my friends.

Siyu (Phoebe) Wang
The silent disco party – had a lot of fun with friends!

Yi (Wendy) Wu
Giving a presentation about second sino of Japan in Phoenix Society.

Kaiyan Xiao
Celebrating my 17th birthday with my friends.

Ruoxi (Jasmine) Yang
Getting an A for my first English A-Level essay.

Xin Yan (Annabel) Yang
Winning House Dance overall!

Hao Yin (Helena) Yuan
The Eton CalSoc Social.

Yina (Elina) Zhong
Playing in the amusement park built by the School for a social.

York SAT

Yasmin Aird
Setting up the school newspaper was a huge achievement and I feel that we have truly created a platform for all year groups to share their love of writing!

Petchnapa (Nampetch) Bennett
Dinner time conversations with friends.

Hope Black
Winning House Drama!

Ophelia Bracken
I had a great time during Leiths!

Charlotte Broadbent
Running to the Common Room at 9pm to watch Love Island with everyone.

Eve Brown
Meeting new people and making new friends.

Bernice Chan
Winning House Drama! Go Aisholt!

Zhi Ling (Lauren) Chu
Being on a corridor with my friends.

Amelia Clark
Spending time with friends during meal times.

Astrid Davis
I enjoyed talking in assembly about my charity day!

Georgina Dawson
Winning House Drama!

Isabela dos Reis Anselmo
Going to the Eton Ball.

Keren Feng
Listening to the pouring rain alone in Chapel.

Gabriella Ford
Playing an incredible final lacrosse season with the UVI making it to the Top 16 at Nationals.

Padmajaraje (Padmaja) Gaekwad
My most cherished memory would be Happy Day when all of us dressed up.

Yuchen (Rebecca) Gao
Laughing with friends at the dinner table.

Emily Gray
Wednesday treat night!

Linxin (Sophia) Guo
Tiptoeing around the dorm avoiding Iris’ EPQ pattern cuttings!

Hetty Hack
Spending evening in dorms with my friends.

Octavia Hoare Nairne
Playing sport – we had a really fun lacrosse team!

Isabella Hudson
Playing a massive game of cards with 6 people in the corridor.

Ammara Khurram
When I was able to get the position of Ambassador. It was very nerve-wracking but I am happy that I applied.

Isabella (Bella) Laing
Spending time with my friends.

Hang Ki Katie Lam
Being with my friends.

Janice Lee
Getting the position of Head of STEM and Deputy Head of AGN.

Qinxin (Mia) Liu
Having a birthday hotpot party with my friends.

Ciara Lynch
Going to the beach during the Geography trip to Devon.

Harriet Manning
Taking the House dogs Freddie, Faf and Toby for walks during the Summer Term!

Sewon (Victoria) Min
When I chatted with my friends in the evening on the day before Short Exeat.

Alice Morgan
Playing netball with my team and enjoying an unbeaten season!!

Desola Omonijo
Hosting a mufti day in order to raise money for Credipaz!

Davida (Seyi) Opaleye
Scaring Lauren with Freddie.

Iris Owen
Hosting a successful charity bake sale.

Ka Ching Anna Pang
Going to a dance convention with the Dance Company!

Georgina Ritchie
Tennis in the evening with my friends.

Adrija Rumbauskaite
Having the amazing opportunity to complete work experience at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Anastasia Sitorus
Dressing up as a baguette on Happy Day!

Ruihan (Apple) Sun
Going to meals with Phoebe!

Nga Yee (Amelia) Tam
I presented on my exciting Global Exchange experience in the whole school assembly.

Charlotte Trew
Discussing story ideas with Sophia in my dorm.

Muna Ubosi
Raising money for The Alzheimer’s Society by hosting a charity karaoke night.

Jin Vanasin
Spending time with friends and when I got an A in French at the end of last term.

Daisy Vincent
The tennis lessons I have had every week with Alice – they are such a laugh and good fun!

Chen Wang
Going Ice Skating!

Hui Wang
Michaelmas Christmas Carol Concert.

Yevedzo (Waheeda) Wasterfall
Eton book club because of the friends I have made.

Cecily Whittaker
Spending time with friends at the fun fair.

Yujia (Rachel) Yuan
Going to firework night!

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