Interviewing for Oxbridge

As part of the ongoing preparation for Sixth Form students who are applying to Oxbridge, the Higher Education and Global Initiatives (HEGI) Department invited the not-for-profit organisation, OxFizz to come and deliver practice interviews for girls who are applying to Oxford or Cambridge as well as any student undertaking an academic interview as part of their university application.

The OxFizz interviewers are all graduate and postgraduate students from Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities and so can directly share their personal experiences.

Upper Sixth Form girl, Nina said, "This was a hugely beneficial event as it allowed us an opportunity to practise and refine our interview technique with people we hadn't met before, making it very similar to the real thing. We were also able to reflect on what we could have done better, as well as our strengths, which will also be very valuable. Beyond the practical benefits, it was fun to talk to a recent Oxbridge graduate about the subjects we hope to study as they have been through this process recently, and having specialised in our subjects, they could give us expert advice. It was a very useful and enriching opportunity.

For more information on how the Higher Education team supports Down House girls applying to universi

Posted: 26th Nov 2018

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