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Book of the Week

To help inspire your next read, the Downe House library recommends you their latest Book of the Week.

Discover 23/03/20

DECOs Newsletter

Upper Sixth environmental rep Zoe writes up what is discussed after each DECO (Downe House Eco-Committee) meeting each month.

Discover 19/03/20

Environmental Review of Downe House

The DECOs, our very own Eco-Committee, take us through the key findings of their research into our current environmental practices.

Discover 16/12/19

Adventures in France

Every Lower Fourth girl spends a wonderful term in France. Read about the girls' adventures in the Michaelmas Term 2019!

Discover 11/12/19

How eco-friendly is our School uniform?

Our Eco-committee asked our uniform supplier, Stevensons, what they're doing to be more eco-friendly.

Discover 19/11/19

10 Top Tips: Hockey

With hockey matches and training every week, it's important to know the game and what you can do to improve. Our Hockey Captain Jess tells us her top ten tips for improving your hockey game.

Discover 02/10/19

Leadership Challenge

The role of a Senior at Downe House carries a number of responsibilities designed primarily to develop leadership skills and self-confidence. As Downe House shares a similar ethos to Radley College, the two schools combined for a day of training for the Seniors who have taken up their new roles this term.

Discover 24/09/19

Leaving School and Heading to University

We wish our Leavers all the best as they head off to an incredible range of universities in the UK and overseas. Here are a couple of spotlights!

Discover 20/09/19

10 things we’re doing to be more eco-friendly

From growing trees to using bamboo cups, here's a list of actions we're already taking at Downe House to reduce our environmental impact.

Discover 11/09/19

10 Reasons Why You Should Read More

We think reading for pleasure is really valuable. Here are ten good reasons why you should always have a book on the go.

Discover 27/08/19

Advice for starting Boarding School

Girls in the Remove and Lower Fourth give their top tips for starting at boarding school.

Discover 07/08/19

Why I Love Boarding

For National Boarding Week the girls answered the question, "Why do you love boarding?" Here are the answers!

Discover 09/07/19

Visits & Open Mornings

The best way to find out more about Downe House, is to come and experience it for yourself – arrange a visit or join us for one of our Open Mornings?