Meet the House Staff

It is our firm belief that every girl must feel happy, confident and able to achieve. With warmth and guidance from our Housestaff, girls are encouraged to live happily and develop in every aspect of their lives.


Miss Samantha Cartmell, Housemistress
Miss Samantha Cartmell
Mrs Arabella Wise, Assistant Housemistress
Mrs Arabella Wise
Assistant Housemistress
Miss Carol Joice, Morning Matron
Miss Carol Joice
Morning Matron
Mrs Debbie Bowyer, Afternoon Matron
Mrs Debbie Bowyer
Afternoon Matron


Mrs Sofia McClymont, Housemistress
Mrs Sofia McClymont
Miss Chloe Donaldson, Assistant Housemistress
Miss Chloe Donaldson
Assistant Housemistress
Mrs Caryl Chaplin, Matron
Mrs Caryl Chaplin
Mrs Angela Usmar, Matron
Mrs Angela Usmar
Miss Ruth Prentice, Resident Tutor
Miss Ruth Prentice
Resident Tutor


Miss Katy Tinman, Assistant Housemistress
Miss Katy Tinman
Acting Housemistress
Mrs Justine Rigby, Morning Matron
Mrs Justine Rigby
Morning Matron
Mrs Hazel Rogers, Afternoon Matron
Mrs Hazel Rogers
Afternoon Matron
Miss Alice Bickerdike, Resident Tutor
Miss Alice Bickerdike
Resident Tutor


Mrs Barbara Brader, Housemistress
Mrs Barbara Brader
Miss Rosalie McCann, Assistant Housemistress
Miss Rosalie McCann
Assistant Housemistress
Mrs Clare Pearson, Morning Matron
Mrs Clare Pearson
Morning Matron
Mrs Beverly Beavon, Afternoon Matron
Mrs Beverly Beavon
Afternoon Matron


Mrs Sarah Barnard, Housemistress
Mrs Sarah Barnard
Miss Holly-Jane Stubbings, Assistant Housemistress
Miss Holly-Jane Stubbings
Assistant Housemistress
Miss Rachel Vallance, Resident Tutor
Mrs Philippa Edwards
Morning Matron
Mrs Melanie Parsons, Afternoon Matron
Mrs Melanie Parsons
Afternoon Matron
Miss Sarah Morgan, Resident Tutor
Miss Sarah Morgan
Resident Tutor