Downe House

The founder of Downe House, Olive Willis, believed that excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for the world around us should be hallmarks of a school community. She believed in a school where the individual was valued and where a strong sense of community was engendered. Today, we hold fast to these founding principles and deliver the highest quality of education for our girls by going beyond the expectations of examinations and extending our curriculum to prepare girls for 'Life Beyond Downe House'.

Children are growing up in an ever changing world. Many will flourish in careers that extend across the globe and we have a responsibility to prepare them for that. Their path to success requires confidence, empathy, independence, the ability to lead, integrity and an instinct to achieve. We aim not only to give our girls the skills to succeed at Downe and beyond, but also to give them a sense of global citizenship, of international awareness and a commitment to the wider community. To that end, our teaching is tailored to offer girls a broad and balanced curriculum. Through outstanding teaching and a wealth of co-curricular activities, we develop potential from within, encouraging each girl to grow in confidence and flourish both personally and academically.

Our programme for preparing girls for 'Life Beyond Downe' includes Global Citizenship, Community Service, extensive career and university advice, our lecture and enrichment programme and support through the Downe House Foundation which connects girls and parents, past and present, by bringing them together both socially and professionally.

We aim to make our students aware of the wider world and have a sense of their own role as a world citizen. This is combined with our extensive careers and universities programme supporting girls in making the right career and university choices, be it in the UK or around the globe. Downe House has a dedicated Higher Education Team who ensure that they are up to date with the latest thinking in this field. The Higher Education process at Downe begins early and is both comprehensive and thorough in its approach.

Our girls leave Downe House ready to play their part in the world, ready not only to grasp opportunities for themselves, but to also create them for others.