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Upper Fourth

Grace Chassagne
House Drama prize giving – it has a great atmosphere and good fun!

Victoria Da Costa
The Lacrosse Nationals; although we did not win we had a lot of fun. It was amazing to work as a team and really rewarding to see everyone so determined.

Alexandra Diez Sanchez-Tabernero
The ski competition in France, it was such an eye-opening experience with Ottalie!

Rosina Gill-Wagner
When making a presentation with my friends for the Geography Murray Centre takeover!

Cecilia Harris
I really enjoyed taking part in the Romeo and Juliet dance show!

Fong Fan (Charmaine) Hui
I enjoyed the Fun Fair with lots of different rides. I had fun with my friends!

Sara Kamijo-Kinmont
For the first time in Downe House history, Mrs Rotaru lent me her calculator!

Anna Keats
I have loved Upper Fourth Photography Club on a Thursday with Mrs Compton-Ilott!

Zourui (Ray) Li
Cookery Club because it helps me improve my cooking skills while having fun with my friends.

Emily Mulford
The Christmas Fair and Fun Fair, especially the spinning one that goes upside down!

Sasha Paterson
I enjoyed Chessington Park, it was lots of fun and the rides were really cool.

Eloise Poland Bowen
My favourite moment was the Eton Gig in The Garden – there was a really good atmosphere even though it was raining.

Alice Reynolds
The Butterfly Lecture was my favourite moment, it was so funny to see the teachers on stage and it was a surprise.

Elizabeth Stonor
The Italy Ski Trip was really fun. I enjoyed going into town and spending time with my friends whilst skiing.

Lower Fifth

Mia Bell
Being Captain for House Gym. I loved choreographing innovative routines.

Nibena Ben-Noi
Moving up to the Lacrosse A-team and taking on a new position in attack!

Alice Bevan
Participating in meetings for the upcoming Kenya Tour, I cannot wait to go!

Aleksandra Cork
I have loved all the socials that I have been to!

Chloe Corti
Getting offered to move up into the As Lacrosse and going swimming every week with my friends!

Olivia Fane
When Alice, Philippa and I went to the regional Rotary Debate competition and performed a debate together.

Heidi Halestrap
Winning gold at the school ski races!

Constance Hutchings
Winning Berkshire Schools Lacrosse in Michaelmas Term!

Rosie Ilott
Dressing up as Winnie the Pooh and Abi was Piglet for the Scholars’ Dinner Quiz!

Deborah Jibodu
Being the protagonist in Holcombe House Drama, I was really grateful for the opportunity!

Annika Last
I loved the spinning ride during the Fun Fair, seeing Downe House from above was magical!

Jia Rui (Kerry) Lu
Joining Dance Academy! It has helped me to have an escape from my exams!

Gracie Nash
I really enjoyed Happy Day as it brought out everyone’s positivity, creating a great atmosphere!

Rashana Rameshwar
Getting player of the match in netball!

Philippa Robertson-Kellie
I just love dorm life!

Iona Russell
Being a part of the Romeo and Juliet production, it was an amazing experience!

Natalie Teng
Socials: looking pretty, spending time with friends, having fun, making new friends!

Florence Waller
I exceeded my expectations in the January exams this year so I have more confidence.

Chloe Wang
The day I finished my January mocks!

Upper Fifth

Lina Anand
Eating noodles in the middle of the night!

Rebecca Ang
Getting my mock results back.

Lucinda Boucher
Making pasta in the Holcombe kitchens with my friends!

Sophia Cork
I have enjoyed using the Gym this year!

Isabella (Ella) de Arcangelis
Winning the House Music Solo Award!

Alice Gilchrist
Being part of the Acting Company’s performance of Marvin’s Room and I have loved my tutorials!

Tingli (Tiffany) Gong
Late night games of Uno, everyone in my dorm ended up falling asleep holding Uno cards.

Rhea Gupta
Playing tennis with my friends to relax during study leave.

Elisabeth Gwyn-Jones
Watching the Northern Lights with my House…it was spectacular and I will remember this and Downe forever!

Rosamund Harris
Being part of the most successful Lacrosse Team (the 4ths!)

Cosima Islef
I love Mrs Broom’s Thursday Holcombe quiz!

Vernados Lin
Playing matches with Newbury Volleyball Club.

Jemima McDougall
Making smoothies and the chocolate fountain in Holcombe House!

Alexa Nash
Holcombe House Movie Nights and making dens in the Common Room!

Efrosinya Nikulina
Performing Marilyn Monroe in House Dance this year and winning both group awards for Holcombe.

Hyunmin (Becky) Oh
The café in the Murray Centre being upgraded!

Tabatha Ridley
Lacrosse Nationals and running a half marathon!

Natalie Sideso
Playing lacrosse and getting creative in Textiles!

Imogen Thompson
Playing card games in House!

Ka Yee (Kallie) Wong
Miss Broom’s Thursday night quiz.

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