Daisy Aird
I loved passing the flame for the Sports residency!

Imogen Aird
I love all sports and matches. My best memory was playing my first lacrosse match.

Yifei Chang
Giving out lots of presents to friends, desk partners and people that are nice.

Clementina Colville
When AGN won prizes in the House Drama Competition!

Victoria Davies
When we did pottery painting on the first weekend trip of the Summer Term.

Yuanyin Du
Preparing a “Get Well” hamper for my friend who had been unwell in hospital. She was really happy!

Amrit Kaur Singh
Despite challenges when painting it, my artwork won me the Creative of the Month award!

Isabelle Lawler
Playing swing ball with my friends.

Jessica MacPhee
When I joined Art Club because it is something I love.

Cristina Manuel
Decorating my dorm and making friends in Hermitage.

Philippa Marsh
Going shopping in Oxford and punting.

Uwekhai Okhai-Akhigbe
Meeting new friends such as Helen in Lower Fourth.

Emiliya Pankova
Playing swing ball with friends in the sunshine, laughing, talking and having fun together.

Kunkhanit Tejasen
In Dance Academy when Willow and I fell over when dancing!

Willoughby Wren
Performing in the Romeo and Juliet Dance Show with my friends.

Zhiya Yin
When we went punting in Oxford and a duck came onto our boat and my friend screamed.

Baoyu (Rain) Zhang
Going on the shopping trip at the weekend with all my friends.

Lower Fourth

Emmeline Anderson
I enjoy laughing with my friends.

Anna Bareau
The time that Charlotte fell into my laundry basket and I got a photo!

Eulalia Camilleri
When I found out that I got into England Lacrosse Squad after trials.

Elizabeth Carter Shaw
My best moment was in Sauveterre, our whole year spent the day in the swimming pool.

Isabel Elder
Sauveterre – I made so many new friends and it’s a memory that will stay with me forever!

Niamh Hallas
Participating in laser tag in the woods.

Emilia Lazenby
When I was outside playing swing ball with Izzy, Maddie, Clemmie and Selina. It was so sunny and I felt very happy.

Kloy Lotharukpong
Shopping at Newbury and eating fries in 2 minutes at McDonalds.

Mullinya (Ava) Mathisariyapong
Coming back from Cookery while eating pasta and having bubble tea.

Selina Novis
When we went swimming in the pool in Sauveterre and we were all playing tag together.

Viveen Parker
In Sauvetterre, when we played the Rivra Games.

Camilla Parry-Williams
The theme park: I found the rides so much fun and the food was delicious! My friends and I laughed so hard!

Carmen Ren
Going on the ski team trip to Flaine in early February.

Clementine Sanford
Our team coming second place in Lacrosse Nationals!

Sophie Segger
In Sauveterre when we would run away from Mr Stacchini while playing the Rivra Games!!

Madeleine Watkins-Ball
Winning the lacrosse semi-finals at Nationals with my team!

Mingwei (Cindy) Xu
Rivra Games in Sauveterre.

Catherine Yam
I enjoyed the funfair, the activities in Sauveterre, and the social with Elstree.

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