The Finance and Administration Departments exist to provide high quality services and support to pupils, parents and staff. In an organisation as complex as Downe House this takes many forms from replying promptly to enquiries, ensuring accurate record keeping, dealing with auditors and inspectors, the list is endless.

These functions fall into three main areas:


The Administration Department provides the infrastructure to support Downe's pursuit of excellence by preparing accurate correspondence for parents and staff in various forms, including written and verbal. We also engage in planning for School events and activities to ensure seamless coordination and execution.

The Department is a central point of contact for enquiries and the team are committed to providing first class administrative support. Our aim is to assist parents, girls, staff and visitors in a professional and timely manner.


The Finance function aims to operate as efficiently as possible combining best practice, tight budget controls and obtaining best value from finite financial resources. At the same time we never lose sight of the fact that Downe House is a School and a Charity.


Along with providing stationery, small office and teaching supplies, the Resources department also supports the school with a full range of reprographic and desk top publishing services. We produce a wide range of booklets, documents and promotional material which is used in all areas within Downe House.