Chairman B Wheeler

I would like to introduce you to the Downe House Seniors’ Association (DHSA), established in 1946 to build and maintain strong and lasting bonds between former pupils and the School.

On leaving Downe House, a girl will become an ‘Old Senior’ and a member of the DHSA providing ‘a link which lasts for life’. The DHSA operates through regular printed and electronic communications, which help girls to stay in touch with each other, maintaining existing friendships and forging new ones, all the while keeping in contact with the School.

The DHSA aims to:

  • provide contact and regular news updates for members
  • empower members to maintain existing links and develop new contacts
  • support individuals and year groups through regular communication, reunion events and grant giving

We are very proud of the DHSA’s work, values and close links with members of all ages and the School.

B Wheeler Signature