The Downe House Seniors' Association works to keep Old Seniors in touch with activities and events at the School and with each other over life's medium and long term!

This is achieved by the publication of online and print magazines as well as reunions on an annual basis for specific member eras.

The DHSA also supports members with financial grants towards further education or re-training, at whatever stage in life. Financial support is also given to school initiatives as appropriate.


DHSA Magazine 2019
DHSA Magazine 2019 is due out in spring next year and will have a new look and feel. We're looking for your news!

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Reunion at Davy’s Wine Bar, London, October 2017
The DHSA Reunion Drinks Party for Year groups 1995 to 2006, was held on 16 October 2017 at Davy's Wine Bar, Holborn, London. The evening was great fun and very noisy!

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Emily Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh
Grant recipient Emily Sweerts de Landas Wyborgh (2006), towards her teacher training - 'doing a PGCE the best decision'.

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