Get moving with the Downe House Move-a-thon!

On Friday 7 May at 2.20pm we will be holding a virtual Prep and Junior School Downe House Move-a-thon led by the Sports department at Downe House. With the approaching Olympic Games in Tokyo, our aim is to get as many children as possible in prep schools around the UK all working out together at the same time and raising money for their own school’s chosen charities.

How will it work?

The workout will be led and streamed live by us here at Downe House and all of our Remove pupils will be taking part. The event is open to pupils from Years 3 to 8 and will be accessible to children of all abilities. No preparation is necessary to take part but we will be issuing packs prior to the event with videos of the featured exercises which you will be able to try out with your pupils beforehand, should you choose to. The workout will be 20 minutes in length and many of the exercises are adaptable according to age and experience (this will all be explained in the pack). The idea is that the Downe House Move-a-thon can be streamed directly into classrooms so that all pupils taking part do not necessarily need to be gathered together to do so.

With the approaching Olympic Games in Tokyo, we are hoping that schools will want to put their own twist on the theme and dressing up is very much encouraged! All pupils taking part will be encouraged to donate £1 to their own school charity.

Where do we sign up?

We do hope you will join us for this very special event and to help us raise lots of money for some very worthwhile charities. We are very excited to host it! To register your interest and to receive your joining pack for the Downe House Move-a-thon, please click here


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