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Upper Fourth

Annabel Coghill
Winning the netball match in Michaelmas Term and celebrating afterwards with friends.

Imogen Coiley
Romeo and Juliet – it was a really good experience I hadn’t had before.

Margo Farrer-Brown
Summer Term and being outside with friends.

Jessica Geffen
Qualifying for National Schools Eventing Championships, on my horse ‘Geff’.

Mathilda Hart
Racing my friends on the Inflatables for Inflatable Friday!

Xiaoyu Hu
Performing in Young Musician of the Year Finals: Virtuoso.

Mingxi Li
I really enjoyed the Fun Fair because it was very exciting.

Lin Yi (Emily) Meng
I loved being with my friends on the House Christmas Trip.

Tee-J Mwenebungu
Inflatable Friday because it’s really fun letting off steam on the inflatables!

Elizabeth Squire
Beating Wellington in singles tennis when I played their best player!

Yasemin Tatar
When we went on a country walk and some of us fell in the stream.

Olivia Taylor
Getting through to the second round of West Berkshire Schools Athletics Cup.

Cecilia Thomas
Christmas House celebrations – movies, Secret Santa and snacks!

Scarlett Wykes
The Fun Fair at the beginning of the year. It was amazing!

Muqing Yang
Getting 100% in a Chemistry test in the Michaelmas Term.

Jinhan (Katy) Yao
Happy Day because you get sweets and you don’t get prep!

Lower Fifth

Teri Adesida
Equalling my high jump personal best at the Schools’ Cup and winning the event.

Oladunni Are
Being Confirmed with three of my close friends.

Ojuolape Ayoola
Going to Connecticut, USA for my Global Exchange. It was the best experience!

Imogen Daley
The excitement of winning House Drama!

Isabella Gharagozlou
Winning House Debating!

Tabisa Iakovleva
Organising and winning Aisholt House Gym with Teri, Katya and Imo.

Audrey King
Watching House Dance and seeing the Dance Seniors showcase their individual styles.

Kateryna Kryvoruchko
Bonfire night – I loved the marshmallows, the loud music, the dancing and the fun!

Eliza Manson
Winning House Drama!

Lorna Meyrick
Playing padel with my friends in Portugal on tour and we even managed to beat the PE teachers!

Tatiana Montanari
Playing in the ensemble at House Music.

Louise Novatin
Winning House Drama!

Lara (Isadora) Pears Newton
The big, spinny, upside-downy ride at the Fun Fair!

Evie Pilgrim
The Sky High drill and hanging out with friends on the tennis tour to Portugal.

Upper Fifth

Georgia Ainscough
Rapping to Pitch Perfect in the Aisholt vocal ensemble!

Camille Aird
Rapping in the Aisholt vocal ensemble to Pitch Perfect!

Ella Camilleri
Revising in the Common Room with friends.

Tamsin Clegg
Cereal Saturday when we all get our favourite cereals at break.

Yichen (Angel) Dai
Bonfire night with friends!

Jasmine Durrant
Drinking coffee from the coffee machine in the Murray Centre is great!

Polly Fowler
Having nacho night all together as a House!

Yan Tung Cecilia Hon
When “Winter Wonderland” came to Downe in January, we went on the big ride eight times!

Zimo (Emily) Huang
Being the conductor and arranger for Aisholt House Music instrumental ensemble.

Ada Kurumlu
Playing tennis in Summer Term with my friends!

Sophie Lambourne
The cake-making competition at Founder’s Weekend.

Chada Laohapongchana
Winning House Supper Costume with Amelia as the Biebers!

Alishba Mahmood
Winning House Drama!

Honor McMyn
Representing Downe House in the choir at St John’s Church.

Pollyanna Reynolds
Doing a speech at Aisholt at Home.

Serena Stewart
Being in Aisholt: House Drama, Aisholt at Home and cereal Saturday!

Maria Taraban
Going on the Exchange programme and experiencing a new culture.

Kayla Vela
The ice cream bar and a movie night with friends watching a favourite throwback “The Greatest Showman”.

Amelia Voûte
Playing tennis during the Summer Term with my friends!

Song Heng (Claudia) Wu
I thoroughly enjoyed House Music this year, and I am so proud of Aisholt!

Dong Jin (Iris) Xie
I finally know how to ride a bicycle for the first time in my life!

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