Upper Fourth

Morenikejimi Anjorin
Baking Domino Cookies in the House with TJ and adding white chocolate!

Grace Brennan
Taking part in House Drama, the end result was great!

Jia Chun
Going to a Chemistry competition at Oxford University.

Harriet Cull
The Portugal tennis tour.

Seren Evans
Going to Lacrosse Nationals!

Anya Goss-Custard
Playing lacrosse with my team mates.

Yiming (Amy) Guo
The trampolining trip at the beginning of the Summer Term.

Elsie Heath-Pampin
Taking part in House Drama.

Isabelle Hsia
The surprise from the Butterfly Lecture!

Lara Kendall
Getting a role in the play Amélie this year.

Poppy McClymont
When I was able to play in the 1st hockey team.

Fiona Merchant
Winning my 300 metre race in the first round to get to the Regional Final.

Nga Yan Tam
Going to my first MUN conference over a weekend broadened my horizons.

Araminta Winkworth
Taking part in the House Music instrumental ensemble.

Gabrielle Yue
Going on the fun fair rides with friends!

Lower Fifth

Charlotte Benson
Getting accepted into Berkshire County Hockey.

Louisa Burges Watson
Getting to be co-captain of our lacrosse team!

Wai Kiu Chan
Eating Ms De Trense’s quesadillas after sport every Thursday!

Phillipa Drysdale
Winning the first round of the Thatcham Rotary Debate Competition!

Eloise Harrison
Winning House Dance and Gym overall.

Flora Hay
My best moment this year was having fun with my friends in the ski team and winning medals.

Siqi Huang
Discussing specific topics with a friend.

Natalie Hui
I really enjoyed finding out I had increased phone time.

Zilan Kan
Going on a hike in the woods with my friends and enjoying the countryside!

Amelia Karoly
Hosting my Exchange buddy, Scarlett from New Zealand.

On Kiu (Mini) Ku
Winning the Downe House internal singles badminton competition.

Emily Laing
Playing tennis with my friends on a sunny day.

Tsz Hei (Maia) Lee
Getting good grades for my January mocks.

Eloise McNair Scott
Going on a walk with my friends and enjoying the forest.

Grace Merchant
Playing tennis matches with my sister Fiona for the senior team.

Xiaoyi (Naima) Qin
Doing a presentation to the parents in Shanghai about Downe House.

Sophie Skribot
The first time I won a match with my netball team was a great accomplishment.

Chloe Stewart
Getting accepted into my Global Exchange to go to Cape Town in the summer.

Margaret Tam
Playing the Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto with Alice at the St John’s Concert which was really enjoyable!

Olivia Tuite
What an opportunity, having so much fun with my Global Exchange buddy from South Africa!

Oneira Yu
Baking with Dominica in the weekends and chatting with roommates at night.

Qianya (Zoe) Zhou
Going on an Art trip to St Ives.

Upper Fifth

Emily Bailey
Winning best costume for Happy Day!

Zhi Yu Tiffany Cheong
Helping with Marvin’s Room backstage and winning House Music!

Wing Yu (Hailey) Chiu
AGS winning House Music again!

Lily Colville
I was in the ensemble and instrumental for House Music, and we won!

Josephine Cull
Finishing my History GCSE.

India Evans
I LOVE Middle Ground on a Monday evening in AGS.

Jemima Gross
Cooking and quesadillas every Thursday!

Annabel Jackaman
Being the lead role as Truman in the AGS House Drama.

Hao Yun (Hedy) Jiang
We won House Music!

Cheuk-Yi Cherie (Sage) Lau
Competing in a Chemistry competition in the University of Oxford labs!

Daisy Mackinnon
Seeing the Taj Mahal in India on my Global Exchange.

Lydia O’Shea
I participated in House Music and we won!

Niamh Planner
Performing as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland for my last Drama Scholar’s performance.

Dominica Prentice
Completing my 3D design project after weeks of work!

Annabel Reeve
Playing at lacrosse Nationals, then celebrations out at the 1st team dinner.

Yan Qi (Angelina) Shek
Getting a place at the Royal College of Music’s Junior Department!

Olivia Stewart
Participating in the AGS vocal ensemble and AGS getting 1st place in House Music.

Clotilde Tillette de Clermont-Tonnerre
I participated in the House Music ensemble with other members of AGS and won!

Isabella Withey
Getting accepted into the Global Exchange Programme to Sweden.

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