Speech and Drama at Downe House

Speech and DramaSpeech and Drama is a popular ‘extra’ subject at Downe House, with around one third of girls electing to take lessons. Speech and Drama encourages self-confidence and promotes creativity, imagination and team-working skills in a supportive and non-threatening environment. Skills in acting and communication help develop an ability to speak and to express views and opinions with confidence. The lessons encourage an appreciation and understanding of literature and the spoken word through speaking, reading and listening; they also promote technical skills such as clear articulation, confident physicality and breath control.

Over the course of a year, a girl can expect to experience the following elements in her lessons:

 Play reading
 Poetry reading
 Choral Speaking
 Theatre History
 Devised Drama
 Musical Theatre
 Mime and Physical Theatre
 Breath support and awareness
 Vocal development (ie: modulation, projection, resonance and articulation)

For more information please contact the Head of Extra-Curricular Drama, Rebecca Watson.


Lesson Fees for 2016

Group Lesson (per girl) 17.11
Duologue Lesson (per girl) 21.99
Individual Lesson 26.74