Inspiring young minds

Downe House is at the forefront of education for girls. Most importantly, we achieve success without having to adopt an academic 'hot house' approach.

Instead, we combine strong academic values with excellent teachers, a broad curriculum and superbly equipped classrooms, to inspire each girl to explore a particularly wide range of subject combinations.


Individual Learning Programmes

Girls are supported by individual learning programmes tailored to the study methods that suit them best.  Aiming for the highest set of academic results that each girl can achieve, we provide a sense of fulfilment and progress, and encourage confidence to grow. As confirmation of our approach, over 85% of Downe House girls achieve A* and A grades at I/GCSE. As an indication of our desire to provide the very best learning opportunities for our girls - and to better equip them for university - we teach the Cambridge Pre-U qualification in place of A-levels for many subjects taught.

Liberated learning, through liberated teaching

Since September 2010, Downe House Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to study the Cambridge Pre-U instead of taking A levels in certain subjects.

A qualification from the University of Cambridge, we consider the Pre-U to provide much better preparation for university than the current A-level programme.

By removing the AS stage - and the seemingly endless levels of assessment - the Pre-U qualification allows students to get to grips with a subject with considerable rigour.

At the same time, an associated ‘Independent Research Project’ and a ‘Global Perspectives’ element encourage a much broader understanding of the chosen subject and provide an outstanding preparation for university.

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